Archived Discussion Load 500 More Comments. No new comments can be posted. Actually, it's easier than ever. (Which, for me, from everyone-pays-dinner-for-himself Germany, does already make it closer to prostution. Actually, it's a bait & switch. I can only assume that a much greater number of people knew of the site only because of the news surrounding the breach. 250 Microsoft Employees Call on CEO To Cancel Police Contracts and Support Defunding Seattle PD, Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Protections For Social Media Platforms, Facebook Takes Down Trump Ads Featuring Symbol Used By Nazis To Mark Political Prisoners. [] Despite the fact that it's harder than ever to physically meet up with a fellow cheater, Ashley Madison is seeing a surge in users. Surely every data app/site is going to be affected by the current situation? 574 Posted by samzenpus on Monday February 17, 2014 @10:23AM from the still-working dept. (Score: 2) by jkrise. Britain Commits $333 Million To Help Carriers Replace Huawei 5G, spend $333 million to diversify its sources of 5G wireless equipment, Tired of Mockery, Austrian Village Changes Name, Russia Wants To Ban Social Media Sites Discriminating Against Russian News Outlets, Cambridge University Says Darwin's Iconic Notebooks Were Stolen, may have been stolen from the Cambridge University Library, 1% of Farms Operate 70% of World's Farmland, operate 70% of crop fields, ranches and orchards, Struggling Electric Jet Startup Zunum Sues Boeing For Fraud and Misuse of Trade Secrets, accusing Boeing of fraud, technology theft, breach of contract, and misappropriation of trade secrets, GM To Leverage Customer Data In New Insurance Business, will leverage the data captured through its OnStar connected car service, IRS Could Search Warrantless Location Database Over 10,000 Times, quietly harvested from ordinary smartphone apps over 10,000 times, France Orders Tech Giants To Pay Digital Tax, Three Members of TMT Cybercrime Group Arrested in Nigeria, ZTE's Designation as Security Threat Affirmed by US FCC, gear made by the Chinese company could be used for spying, Elon Musk Overtakes Bill Gates To Grab World's Second-Richest Ranking, passed Bill Gates to become the world's second-richest person, Amazon Partners With the US Government To Stop the Sale of Counterfeit Goods, focused on stopping counterfeit goods from entering the US. My personal experience with online dating started in my 20s and was generally positive. The vast majority of profiles are fake.They advertise that so many people fall in love there, but don't say that they fall in love *unhappily*.All those sites exist for, is to make you pay as much money as possible under the delusion of a perfect love that is lie.Men end up spamming copypasta because you have no "chance" otherwise, women end up flooded with so much crap that it is impossible to not overlook the right one.And the entire system is heavily biased agsinst men anyway. Whatever Happened To Programming? 2. You'd see a steady stream of new "female" accounts in every geographic area for the bots, and you'd get unsolicited mes. Full Abbreviated Hidden /Sea. It really doesn't matter if they meet online or offline. Does the "whenever I know I'm wrong, assign it to Trump, blame Trump" strategy ever get old for you? ( Score: 5 , Interesting) by Hadlock ( 143607 ) writes: on Thursday January 23, 2020 @11:29PM ( #59650560 ) Homepage Journal Share. Just because you get a message from a bot doesn't mean there's not humour potential involved []... At the moment though those online dating sites are popular because people are spending more time with each other and finding out that they are not the people they pretended to be and should not be in a relationship but stick with it, right up until the second they find someone better or their fake presented personality aligns with the fake presented personality of the other person, once the fake wears of, so that relationship will fail. And polticians totally become honest when you call them out on lying. A realization that some people can't live within themselves? Whatever Happened To 4GL Tools? They stopped using the bots after that. Wow, "no such thing as bad publicity" indeed. But maybe these thinges exist, because offline it's usually biased for men, and more like a shark feeding frenzy. A commentary on fools and their money? Posted by CmdrTaco on Tuesday July 22, 2003 @09:47AM from the are-we-there-yet ... at $0.01 per Slashdot page hit, an FP would be worth $3.97. meme. Most of the women are bots. In this site you pay to chat to an Ashley Madison worker pretending to be a married woman. Linus Torvalds Would Like To Use An M1 Mac For Linux, But... why getting Linux to run well on it isn't worth the trouble, Twitter Will Warn You If You 'Like' Misleading Tweets, you'll also get a warning if you attempt to "like" a disputed tweet, relaunch its verification process early next year, Illegal Tampering By Diesel Pickup Owners Is Worsening Pollution, EPA Says, Evidence Builds That an Early Mutation Made the Pandemic Harder to Stop, Culled Mink Rise From the Dead To Denmark's Horror, Apple Makes Another Concession On App Store Fees, Indian Coding Startup WhiteHat Jr Sues Critics. An anonymous reader quotes a report from NBC News: Kirkland, Washington-based aviation startup, General Motors has launched a new insurance service that. A scandalous "OMG people are looking for affairs"? No new comments can be posted. But we shouldn't be surprised that so much cheating goes on, given what we know about how our biology works. Reputable hotels might be closed, but there is a neighborhood in every town where the hotels are still open. When I (re) signed up, they had changed from "What would you like to see in a girl" to "No touchy, no feelie, No huggee, no kissee, don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself" ;). Breaking promises is morally wrong, and that's it. It's been a few years since I tried online dating, but I had really good luck with it and ended up going on at least a few dates with almost everyone I messaged or that messaged me. The real problem with ephebophilia is that it is an attraction to a certain age group. Re:micropayments on /. Close. Regarding the fallout from the massive data leak at Ashley Madison - "Divorces, breakups, and suicides ensued" - I'd like to see the citation. There will be disappointments if someone books a trip there now. Your wife will notice if you're not at home right now surely? With things as they are, it's just phone sex for me these days. Made for interesting reading.Then there was the guy that was dumb enough to sign up from the White House when Obama was President. Well the proof's in the pudding. by Slashdot is powered by your submissions, so send in your scoop, The Russian government is working on a new law to. Think I still have a dump of that data. I'm not a terribly social person, but once I warm up and get past the initial awkwardness I'm very personable. For some people, it really is better for them EMOTIONALLY if they never get married, and instead live as serial monogamists. Before the database leak, if you had a "male" account you'd get a steady stream of message from bots, and you'd see a steady stream of new "female" accounts being created in just about every geographic area for the bots. They killed off the bots after the database leak. More … An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Comcast's 1.2TB monthly data cap is coming to 12 more states and the District of Columbia starting January 2021.The unpopular policy was already enforced in most of Comcast's 39-state US territory over the past few years, and the upcoming expansion will for the first time bring the cap to every market in Comcast's territory. So are the state campgrounds. Now they have children and it worked out well. Since I met my wife online (8 years ago) I'd disagree with that statement! Coronavirus is improving both Climate Change, and promiscuous STD transmission, it seems. Honey, I'm going out to the bakery for some muffins, don't wait up. As far as I know, PlentyOfFish is completely free for men and women and they are the largest. But the moral proscriptions remain at odds with our biological drives, so one suffers some kind of consequence (physical and psychological) either way. This reality can hit really hard for married couples (BOTH genders) who learn that getting married doesn't automatically force their brains to lose all interest in sex with other people.

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