some Painting 101 info. This is especially true of … By Roger Marshall. Namely, 1 part epoxy, 1 part poly, 2 part poly, 2 part epoxy, polyurethane, polyvinyl, etc. Toplac is best for a really shiny finish, but the gloss is good. Take you time cleaning and sanding -- preparing your boat can take as much as 80% of your time, but it will lead to a better final product. A smooth application of bottom paint helps boat performance. DIY boat painters keep a wide assortment of brushes and rollers handy. "I appreciated the clear use of terminology as needed to describe the parts of the boat as he worked around them for, "Your advice gave me confidence to continue and finish my fiberglass boat restoration using professional two-pack, "We are getting together the stuff to do this for the first time. [1] X Research source You need to get everything off of the surface, from dirt and sand to marine life and seaweed. Thanks! Make sure you fill in any holes with marine-grade epoxy, found near the marine paint in hardware and boat stores. Paint the roses in pink and green, and paint the castle in white and grey using a brush. Due to modified alkyd, this product is also resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking. I am busy painting my boat with a spray gun and it looks better than brush painting does. How to Buy a Boat: Tips for a First Time Buyer, Top 10 New Fishing Boats for Under $20,000, What Type is Right for You? These numbers depend on the type of paint used. Reading this helped a lot, as now I know where to start. Be very careful to do a thorough job … If the old paint is a different type than the one you plan to apply (non-vinyl vs vinyl paint), then remove it entirely. Generally, running your finger along the surface, top or bottom, will tell you if there is still a coating-- it feels like a candle or a freshly waxed car. Two step polyurethane paint, while longer lasting, takes precise mixing and application techniques to use. What is needed to paint roses and castles onto an object? If you paint over it, it wont do its job. Learn more... As your boat begins to crack and fade after several years in the water, you have two choices -- hire a professional boat yard to paint it again or do it yourself. The first way is expensive, the second way tedious. I want to paint auto enamel over anti fouling paint. :)", marine paint. ",,,,,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Below: The nonskid areas were taped off and painted with single-part Pettit Easypoxy polyurethane paint mixed with Interlux nonskid compound. The other uses heat as well as air in the drying process. They bake in the sun, get soaked by the rain (often polluted rain), get frozen and thawed, chafe for months at a time against docks and fenders, get pulled up on trailers and beaches, hit rocks and logs and all sorts of other hard objects, and float in a watery zoo of plants and animals that want very much to attach themselves to the boats’ bottoms and go along for the ride. And finally, add a boat wax to seal in the paint. How To Paint A Boat 10 Steps To The Perfect Topside Paint Job. If you are in any doubt about the coating, go over the boat again -- paint will not stick to this waxy surface, so it all needs to go. Awlgrip marine paint also requires a little more “do it yourself savvy” to apply these paints, and require the correct activators and reducers when applying. Finally, apply 2 to 3 more coats of paint, making sure to sand the boat after each coat has dried. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 179,227 times. Depending on the job to be done they can be cheap and disposable or expensive and worth coddling. No! 3 hours to tack, 3-24 hours to touch, 3-7 days to hard, 30 days to full cure. The choice of tapes alone can be bewildering—but this is not a time to pinch pennies with cheap brown masking tape. The best available boat paint for the topside with the best finish is Awlgrip, most expensive but best results and loved by customers. After the first coat has dried, lightly sand the boat (300-grit sandpaper) and apply another coat. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. If you are uncomfortable with any part of this process, especially sanding, call a professional boat-yard to get a price quote for painting. Dust and debris while sanding can be highly toxic. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Before painting a boat, start by removing the boat from the water and cleaning the surface with a high-pressure hose. The paint on your boat is an important line of defense against all these things. To learn more, including how to choose the right paint for your boat, scroll down. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. ". Resin-based paints can be used, but generally, epoxy-based paints can do a better job, as they’ll bond better to the fibreglass. Use a soft-bristled brush to make sure you remove all debris left from sanding. In general, it is easiest to clean the surface of the boat as it comes out of the water. A disc sander can be used with care on flat areas, but as there aren't many of those on a boat a better option is to use a palm-sized orbital sander., 1221 Brickell Avenue, 23rd Floor, Miami, FL 33131, USA. Your home is your most-valued asset, so you keep it painted and looking nice. Resin-based paints can be used, but generally, epoxy-based paints can do a better job, as they’ll bond better to the fibreglass. Use a high-quality cartridge respirator—not just a paper mask—plus eye protection, gloves, and full paint suit when working with old paint dust, thinners, solvents, or two-part paints. ", "Knowing how to prepare a boat for painting is as valuable as the paint job itself. Both are plastic based, or polymers. Use a quality barrier coat epoxy primer or polyvinyl primer after thoroughly sanding the entire paint area with 80 grit sand paper.

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