Instead, I focused on circulating numerous sales pitches which bore no fruit and cost my small business a considerable amount of valuable time and money in its infancy. And content marketing is about more than creating your own blog at the outset. Rachael Jessney of Atelier Studios regrets “not asking all of our customers for a review.” She continues, “Reviews on your Google My Business page are so powerful for improving local visibility.”, Likewise, Ben Lund from DIY Digital Strategy names “waiting in asking for reviews from happy customers” as one of his biggest initial mistakes. Are the keywords and descriptions you used for the search engines used by those people who are searching for a business like yours in a specific area, for example ‘Builder in Shepparton’ and ‘Plumber in Orange’? 8 of the best local business marketing tips. Ensure you are generating a healthy volume of reviews that keep your overall rating as close to 5 stars as possible. Increasing my web traffic and then retargeting ads using a Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics has dramatically increased my number of leads for my local business.”, David Alexander of Mazepress also shares, “The best tactics that have been working well for local SEO over the past few years and remain strong include Google My Business. You can give these out as you meet new people or begin work projects. We’ll cover their detailed responses later in the article. Your story will evolve as you find your market. In the early days, we failed to see the power of SMS marketing,” says Cooper. The majority of people feel too lazy to call sometimes, it’s just easier and more fun for them to go online and browse a website. But in our training we will show you how to get that almost free. Other channels named by more than one marketer included local meet-ups (8%), outbound emails and calls (6%), social (4%), and word of mouth (4%). “The number of local listings a business has across multiple directories, the amount of information each listing contains (text, product and location photos, videos, store policies, hours, etc), and the number of reviews are what directly impact local SEO,” says Rio Rocket. These messages are directed to the local population, rather than the mass market. “This was a good teaching tactic as it was very difficult to compete and rank on the first few SERPs.”, Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls recommends “NOT spending money on things like fancy brochures, letterhead, business cards, etc. And you can easily track how many users engage with your business through your listing. Not focusing on these loyal customers can be a big mistake, because you’ll lose out on powerful referrals. Having your local customers in a contact list is one of the greatest thing you will ever do on behalf of the ongoing success of your business. Here are a few online media channels normally used to target local audiences. It can really skew results. They also get 35% more clicks through to their websites.’ “, Jacob Landis-Eigsti of Jacob LE Video Production states, “Adding 100 photos to my Google My Business Page increased my number of views and calls significantly. Continues Arnof-Fenn, “Activities like speaking at events, writing articles, building your following on social media all contribute to increasing your awareness with potential customers and building your credibility with a larger community. Local Search: Is your website listed by your location and the local market it serves? “If you can only do one thing with mobile marketing, it should be SMS text message marketing,” says Bentz. First, establish your brand and have continuity across all platforms (Google, Yelp, Social Media, etc. Local marketing is a great way to gain customers in the surrounding area who may see your business as a better option. “I am a big fan of Content Marketing and Thought Leadership which are great ways to build your organization’s brand, increase your visibility more broadly, raise your profile and attract more clients/customers,” says Paige Arnof-Fenn from Mavens & Moguls. However, when I started putting more time and effort into my content, I got more prospects reaching out to me and the bounce rate lowered, which meant people were going to other pages.”, Posting a consistent name, address and phone number across multiple directories is key, as Kevin Begola from Titanium Buzz attests. 6% said that the most effective channels depend on a business’ customers, audience, and/or business type. We post weekly to our Google My Business listing and add pictures regularly. Think of the example of people looking for retirement homes – chances are they’re not going to click on the map and instead look at companies’ websites. Search Engine Marketing Explained, Check Out the Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business, SEO Basics: How to Make Your Website Google-Friendly, How to Use Search Engine Marketing to Get Your Website Noticed, How Local Marketing Helps a Business Bolster Its Presence in Community, Here's What Your Coffee Shop Business Plan Should Look Like, The Balance Small Business is part of the. In our first long-form question, we asked our marketers to share the mistakes they made and regrets they had when starting to market their business locally, to help newbies avoid these pitfalls. Having a strong social presence is a symbol of trustworthiness to potential consumers, and it is also a great tool for interacting with customers and answering questions. When your articles or talks become available online, make sure to send them out via social media to all your friends, followers and contacts. As such, you need to be appearing in the top 3 Google Maps results as well as the natural search for the highest intent and relevant keywords possible.”, Rodney Yo of Best Online Traffic School wishes that he would have spent more time on paid ads. Content, a channel that works closely with SEO, came in third with 18%. Lund also recommends “remarketing. This will enable you to gain referrals and develop your local reputation. We also share our posts into a large local Facebook group that has news about the community. Create a Google My Business profile, update it regularly with photos, and take advantage of the Google Reviews feature. Find those reference customers quickly, use them to get testimonials and referrals. The most common thing I see on small business blogs are dozens – if not hundreds – of thin, unuseful blog posts about the business’s products, services, and company in general. ” I find that attending local meetups and networking events to be an incredibly powerful way to promote my business,” says Brodzky.

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