Exposing oneself to good literary works, is equivalent to providing one with the finest of educational opportunities. Unit 2702, NUO Centre They also give students the chance to learn about literary devices that occur in other genres e.g. Literary works help learners to use their imagination, enhance their empathy for others and lead them to develop their own creativity. cultural appropriacy - learners should not be offended by textual content. . There are also a lot of "facts" in novels, and many novels are based on real historical events. Its scope is so deep and wide that even a lifetime may not be enough to really ‘study’ literature. Multicultural literature fosters positive self-esteem and prevents students from feeling isolated. . Aesop, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, and Mark Twain, among many others are some of the most widely popular children’s authors. The Use and Abuse of Literature: By Marjorie Garber “The Use and Abuse of Literature,” the latest book by the prolific Harvard literary scholar Marjorie Garber, is in part about this “centripetal movement” in artistic appreciation “from the edges to the center, from the outside to the inside, incorporating once disparaged genres and authors into respectable, canonical and even classic status.” We‟ve all seen the … Smith, E. (1995). Click on the headings below to find out more about available materials and support for teachers in each area. Lewis, literature not only describes reality but also adds to it. When it refers to a specific collection of books, papers, etc., related to a given subject, it is often used as a countable noun, and you should say “the literature”, referring to the literature of the given field. Phone: +1 609 258 4900 When we speak about literature itself, there is no need to use an article, as in the following quotation by Tom Baker: There is no reason to use “the” here, just like you wouldn’t say “the water consists of hydrogen and oxygen” when speaking about water in general. They are a depiction of the different facets of common man’s life. With recent global events, it has become increasingly important that students do not become ethnocentric. Works by poets like Homer, Plato, Sappho, Horace and Virgil, Shakespeare’s sonnets and notable poetry by W.B. The Role of Multicultural Literature Interactive Read-Alouds on Student Perspectives Toward Diversity. For example, the following quotation comes from the American Journal of Public Health: By the way, if you haven’t read my guide on how to avoid the most common mistakes in English, make sure to check it out; it deals with similar topics. It suggests that although people have many differences, there are common traits that unite us. "—Kirk A. Denton, Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, 41 William Street advertising. Multicultural Literature That Brings People Together. [13], Ross, "The Emergence of "Literature": Making and Reading the English Canon in the Eighteenth Century," 406 &, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Literature#cite_note-44, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Calligramme.jpg, Ross, "The Emergence of "Literature": Making and Reading the English Canon in the Eighteenth Century", 398, Antrim, Taylor (2010). Perry Link, author of Evening Chats in Beijing, considers texts ranging from elite “misty” poetry to underground hand-copied volumes (shouchauben) and shows in concrete detail how people who were involved with literature sought to teach, learn, enjoy, explore, debate, lead, control, and resist. Thus, literature has always served as an authentic source of information. They have always amused their readers and shall continue to. SCIS is a business unit of Education Services Australia, Get access to our comprehensive catalogue (and more), The new librarian: leaders in the digital age, The importance of multicultural literature, Information and critical literacy on the web, http://www.asla.org.au/policy/standards.aspx, http://buddies.org/articles/Literature.html. This book teaches children that they should not be fearful of those who may seem different to them, as their daily lives and routines may be very much the same. Earlier studies in Western Sinology have approached Chinese texts from the socialist era as portraits of society, as keys to the tug-of-war of dissent, or, more recently, as pursuit of “pure art.” The Uses of Literature looks broadly and empirically at these and many other “uses” of literature from the points of view of authors, editors, political authorities, and several kinds of readers. Invite learners to step into the shoes of the writer or invite them to modify, extend or add to a text. Moral stories are an aid for parents and teachers to let the kids learn important lessons in life. Hseu, M., & Hetzel, J. Prose, poetry, drama, essays, fiction, literary works based on philosophy, art, history, religion, and culture as also scientific and legal writings are grouped under literature. Thus a book written in a particular time defines people, their thoughts, and the influences of that era. Readers tend to associate themselves with the emotions portrayed in these works and become emotionally involved in them. What makes literature so important in our lives? Ongoing developments in the fields of science and technology are documented so that the world can know about them. Texts can be supplemented by audio-texts, music CDs, film clips, podcasts, all of which enhance even further the richness of the sensory input that students receive.

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