It is nearly impossible to gain new business without other people. Professionals use networking as a means to form relationships with others, in like or related fields, that help to expand ones’ effectiveness in an organization or industry. The advantages and disadvantages of computer networking show us that free-flowing information helps a society to grow. Create a system; write something specific about a person on the back of their business card so you can remember them when you get back to your office. Being visible and getting noticed is a benefit of networking that’s essential in … Be friendly, professional and if you commit to doing something – follow through. No charge. Professional relationships you develop can be used for identifying practical solutions to everyday life. Networking is a great way to identify business best practices or industry benchmarks. You just never know who might have the connection for a new career that you are looking for. These shared industry tips can potentially give you an advantage over your competitors by implementing new and fresh ways of doing things. Personal Practical Solutions. Thanks to networks, resource scan be shared, which reduces data duplication and corruption. A key to this is to be diligent with returning emails and phone calls to maintain your credibility with them. Workgroup Computing: Workgroup software like Microsoft BackOffice enables many users to contribute to a document concurrently. In some cases it is necessary to buy an entirely new program to help keep your computer virus free. This benefit is very important, particularly for larger companies... 3. Use every opportunity to make friends and share what you do. File Sharing: Networks offer a quick and easy way to share files directly. Maintaining professional relationships can give you access to inside information. For instance, if you attend a continuing education seminar, strike up conversations with other attendees and share your current job situation and your aspirations of future opportunities. Join 4000+ subscribers! Technology is changing rapidly and new technologies to improve how work gets done come to market every day. For instance, if you exchange business cards at a networking event for restaurants, make the first contact by inviting your new colleague to a food tasting. Resource Sharing: All computers in the network can share resources such as printers, fax machines, modems, and scanners. If you're wondering what the benefits and drawbacks of a network are for your home or office, you've come to the right place. Implementing Strategy for Business Development and Growth. Central Storage of Data – A key element to effective networking is to make you known. Get FREE articles to help you manage your organization better! Be optimistic and excited about what you do so new acquaintances remember you and want to maintain a connection with you. Weaving personal conversations into your network helps others get to know you in an intimate way and helps build the relationship. Multiple users can also collaborate on the same project through the network. This will send the message that you are truly interested in the relationship more than the expected referral. You may learn of a new software that is more effective for the marketing you do. A simple life reality is that people need people. Let the people you meet get to know who you are, how you think, and what skills you have to offer. Use every professional and social opportunity to meet and connect with new people. Strive to leave a positive impression with everyone you meet and to send the message that you are not only competent but also a pleasant person to deal with. And get a copy of our FREE eBook - "Implementing Strategy for Business Development and Growth". It enhances communication and availability of information. Upgrades are also easier because changes only have to be done once on the file server instead of on individual workstations. These updates can then provide protection for your computer against new strands of viruses waiting to infect your computer. This consistent dedication to making new contacts will not only help you acquire new business but who knows may help you with a career change that you never expected! File Sharing: Networks offer a quick and easy way to share files directly. For instance, next time you are at a networking event, ask colleagues what software they use to manage their social media campaigns. Flexible Access: Networks allow their users to access files from computers throughout the network. List of Advantages of Computer Networking 1. It … We all know that you need to know someone in an organization to get exposure to the person screening applicants. Statistics show that networking is the best way to land a new job. When connected to the internet, network users can communicate with people around the world via the network. Does anyone have success stories to share through networking? If you are an introvert, practice being friendly and learn the art of striking up conversations. Files can be stored on a central node (the file server) that can be shared … You're heard a lot of buzz around home and office networks, so you're thinking about one for yourself. The benefits of networking on computers and other devices include low costs and higher productivity. Many Internet users are unaware that most anti-virus programs quickly become out of date as new and more sophisticated viruses enter the world of cyber-space everyday. And get a copy of our FREE E-Book - This allows for interactive teamwork. Networking is one thing. Networking can also be a personal benefit. Assuming that proactive systems are developed and installed to counter the effects of the potential disadvantages, a computer network, at any level of connectivity, will help every society come closer to its full potential. Professional relationships … Be consistent with your business service standards and make an effort to return phone calls and emails by the end of each business day.

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