If you’ve only met this family once, then just say it. It is a good idea to discuss with the client what you are going to talk about with the other agency. This may seem obvious, but a friendly attitude can go a long way. Other psychologists specialise in counselling. There are some exceptions to this ie. Let the worker meet the client and form his or her own relationship without influencing the worker’s perception by your own experience or opinion. The stranger is attempting to help them cross the road. Using either the phone book or the internet see if you can find a mediator in your area who provides support to people who are in conflict. Business For example, do they use qualified people, are they a recognised service, do they have well developed policies and procedures, and are they approachable? Remember, your clients will probably already be feeling anxious about seeking help, so to send them on to an ‘unknown’ will no doubt increase their unease. Some psychologists work in special schools and can provide educational assistance to children with a disability. This page is better viewed with JavaScript enabled. When you refer a client to another service you will need to write a letter of referral. But generally speaking, a referral made without the consent or knowledge of the individual is at best, misguided and at worst, illegal. Always know the agency or person to whom you make the referral. you are in doubt of your own capabilities, you’re over-identifying with your client. Aidan is in Year 9 at high school and is moving out of your area to live with his grandmother. For Future Professionals, Textbooks & Materials She gave her client this social worker’s name and suggested the client seek further treatment with this therapist. Be very aware of confidentiality issues. His mother has remarried and Aidan doesn’t want to live with his step-dad. 2. While this is always a tempting option, especially when times are tough, it is not fair to the person and will not help them or their situation. This is because they recognise that when people are in conflict they find it hard to resolve their differences properly and either resort to violence or the courts. Direct referrals (word-of-mouth) Direct referrals are some of the best advertising your business can receive. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Sometimes we’re correct but sometimes we leave a person metaphorically or literally stranded without appropriate supports. However, another important consideration in sharing information is not withholding information that the service should know, if they are to fulfil their duty of care to the client and other clients within the service. Write a referral letter to the Salvation Army shelter incorporating the following points. It is important to be honest on your referral forms but it is also important to keep in mind how information can be misconstrued and used as a weapon against your client. It also might be because you don’t have the skills necessary to deal with certain issues such as child abuse, sexual assault, marital … If we treat each other as allies (and not enemies) we can achieve incredible things for our clients. It is important to realise that acknowledging you haven’t the necessary skills isn’t a sign of failure but rather a professional assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. This would be extremely disempowering. Hours . due to ineligibility of the client, service guidelines, local/federal laws) wastes everyone’s time. I believe that those who 'can' - should! But it is important to remember that nothing infuriates a person more than someone trying to tell them how to do their job (regardless of the industry they work in). Never call in a professional without doing your homework first. You could: If you want to use a professional or agency to help you resolve a conflict or to refer conflicting parties to, always check them out first. This conflict can be within families, within neighbourhoods, at work, with friends etc. Maintain your relationship with your client until the referral process is complete. Help prepare your client for their first appointment—talk through with them what information they will have to provide, how to get to the appointment and what they will have to take (if appropriate). It could also be to sponsor a community event or charity function. As community service workers you will often find yourself in situations where you can’t provide an appropriate or on-going service to your clients. Occupational therapists work with people on activities of daily living, and develop treatment plans to help people gain skills. Lucky for all of us, there is 4 different ways of getting people to refer your business and you can choose what works for you! To ensure that you meet your duty of care and professional requirements make sure that you document everything that you have done. ( Log Out /  Similarly, if your client has a mental illness, the service may need to know so they can ensure the client receives adequate care and access to a specialist service if required. Always keep in mind, that if it’s written on a referral, it will likely be copied onto that agency’s database verbatim no matter how many times you write “CONFIDENTIAL- DO NOT DISCLOSE” around it. If you genuinely attempted to get more information about their situation but your open-ended questions were shot down with one word answers then just tell them. Helping people to use aids such as walking frames and crutches is another focus of physiotherapists as is teaching people how to prevent further damage to muscles. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. As you can see, the nature of customer referrals has evolved. That being said, I have noticed some common mistakes that are made by referrers (even some that I have made). These types of referrals are also cost-effective and powerful ways to advertise your business. For example, if you are looking to grow hair color sales then perhaps you could offer a complimentary hair cut with the purchase of a new color service. You will also have to consider cost and accessibility. They provide specialist counselling, help people to learn new skills and strategies, and they attempt to make changes to policies and systems that traditionally disempower people. Be sure that there's an incentive/reward for your guest when they refer as well as some sort of discount/reward for the new guests first time visit. Also, think about if it would be better reported over the phone. The following list of things to remember should help you when you are making referrals for a client: If the relationship between you and the client is particularly difficult or tense you might not be able to do all of this and you might just give them information about what other services are available. Nails Aidan has received a lot of support from the youth workers and his inappropriate expression of his feelings is now under control. Sometimes as a social worker you have a lot of demand for assistance and not enough time. As a worker in this industry it is vital to get to know the range of agencies out there so that you can give the best possible service to the person you are working with. 4. They may suggest (and make) orthotics (inserts that go inside shoes) unique to their patient’s foot or feet. 1. That said, with certain customers, asking for referrals can be difficult, if not downright awkward. Contributors When you are working to build a business the quickest way to gaining traction is through customer referrals. They may teach people how to use a white cane or a guide dog as well as how to use other mobility aids. His academic ability is very poor. Providing makeovers to men and women who are interviewing for jobs not only makes them look and feel good, but when they get that job, who do you think they’ll come to for their next haircut. I love this industry and believe that we express externally what our hearts hold internally. Reflection: How much should previous experiences with clients influence current service delivery? This might be because your agency policies state that you can only assess clients, or work with clients for a specified timeframe. Tangible Referrals: This is putting something of ‘value’ into the hands of your customer. Make sure you know what policies and procedures your agency has for making referrals. 2. A Social Work service is provided in the Emergency Department from 8 am to midnight on weekdays and from 10:30 am to midnight on weekends.

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