The cons: It is best on the day you prepare it.The leftovers just … With chicken, black beans, corn chili salsa, pepper jack cheese, and rice, in a flour tortilla. Plus, it’s a very high-quality meat — it’s rich, stringy, and juicy. Read More…. The chicken portion here is not extremely generous, but we say Trader Joe’s packed more of it into this burrito than most microwavable options do. Chicken, Refrigerated, Trader Joe's chicken, mexican, Trader Joes, Trader Joes Review. I’d buy this again. The cons: I’m not sure why the decided to pretend like this burrito is two servings? So on some levels this did not stand out from the black bean and cheese burrito. This burrito is best served warm to hot. Do be careful, though, as this comes out of the microwave super hot, and we wouldn’t want any of our lovely readers to burn their mouths on this! This burrito suffers the same flaws that the Pork Carnitas do. To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Trader Joe’s burrito, check out our package scans below. Perhaps to make the calorie count appear less. I like these so much I buy a bunch every time I shop at TJ’s. It has a creaminess and a slight sweetness that really makes this burrito stand out from the crowd. They’re a highlight for me. There is a slight spice, but nothing that isn’t pleasant. Trader Joe's Reviews, Ratings, and Product Database. I agree with the above reviewer that you would be happy enough getting this in a restaurant, and for me the sweetness of the corn is perfect. Simply peel open the packaging, heat it for about a minute, flip the burrito, and give it another 45 to 60 seconds of cook time. You won’t find it in the freezer aisle, though — this bad boy is in the refrigerated section of Trader Joe’s. Within the white tortilla there is tender chicken which has a slight acidity. For under $4 for lunch, you’ll be hard pressed to get a burrito at the same price. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'freezermealfrenzy_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',105,'0','0']));Like most of the other microwavable burritos on the market, this one is filled mostly with rice and beans, the beans here being black beans rather than refried. Store-bought burritos (frozen or, as this one is, refrigerated) don’t tend to be very good in my experience. The construction of our hefty, flavorful Burritos is relatively simple. Our Pollo Asado Burrito has tender, pulled chicken, black beans, rice, pepper jack, and corn chili salsa. Be careful, folks, this is no lightweight burrito!eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'freezermealfrenzy_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_11',115,'0','0'])); The Trader Joe’s Pollo Asado Burrito is an incredible microwavable burrito. Your email address will not be published. In addition there is some corn salsa, but I only felt there were a few teaspoons of it used here. The pros: Trader Joe’s Pollo Asado Burrito is the newest addition to the refrigerated aisle and an otherwise weak section at Trader Joe’s: the wraps. The pros: Trader Joe’s Pollo Asado Autentico is a long standing favorite in the refrigerated aisle. The next time you’ve got a craving for a microwavable burrito, we’d recommend checking this out. Did you try it? Let me know what you think in the comments section! If you check out the nutrition contents on the package, you might be tempted to think that 300 calories sounds pretty reasonable for this particular burrito. It won’t be any threat to your local Mexican eatery. Learn how your comment data is processed. The contents are not distributed evenly and I was wishing for a better balance of the ingredients. Yes, there are lots of black beans and some cheese, but that is where the similarities end. Today’s find is the Trader Joe’s Pollo Asado Burrito. Want to see more items I’ve reviewed from Trader Joe’s? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I picked out most of it while eating the burrito, and my rating would be five stars if the corn wasn’t in it to begin with. Carnitas is, naturally, the star of our Carnitas with Salsa Verde Burrito. The next time you’ve got a craving for a microwavable burrito, we’d recommend checking this out.

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