GT: MajesticCow9700, PSN De0ar, Soul Memory 10,1M. Notes. I need more 19. Sunlight Medal: Medals earned by defeating a boss together with a member of the Heirs of the Sun. 5 out of 5 stars (66) 66 reviews $ 8.50. Killed/aggroed 3 by the fire and then ran into tent to kill 1 (this guy never dropped me a medal though) had symbol of avarice + prison tatters + watchdragon shield + used a rusted coin every 1 i got, Someone can help me? Considering how hard it was to farm them in online mode, I highly doubt this is a coincidence. Sunlight Medal: A medal depicting the sun. These are obtained by equipping the Warriors of Sunlight covenant medal. Not from spells, items or different weapons). Cross this small bridge and turn left to get into a small cave, but beware the Sickle Wielder that's standing around the corner. I joined covenant of champions and farmed them at Brighstone Tseldora first bonfire and a few at Shaded woods when I got too bored of that. I farmed all 30 medals offline, just now. So far I have not been able to get any medals from summoning non covenant members but if they summon me, I get a medal. I don't know if there are prerequisites for this to happen but I had the game cleared and SM tier 37. My way to do it is simple, and should be possible until literally there are almost no more players or they shut downs servers. This method is far better than grinding, trying for a ton of randoms, or throwing a hail mary to someone on the sub. Here is a full list (from game files) of items ids in Dark Souls 2 game. After 20 rounds of this there were no longer any drops that weren't a Sunlight Medal so If I saw a drop it was a given I had made progress +1 sunlight medal. Sunlight Medal Usage. Some hosts don't have all of the Eleum Loyce knights which makes the fight much harder. anyone for heir of sun, i need a partner, level:140. On PS4. Gamertag: Sheeper Peregrine. The brave fighters who bore these medals are gone, but the sun never sets. 6) Have them join the covenant to help you with bosses and make sure you're joined as well to help them. Can anyone help me on ps4? He didn´t even get hit at all. Currently sunbro SL 110 if anyone’s looking. Covenant Leader: The Sun Where to Join: Harvest Valley. I want to help more player but coop seems to be dead. Use The No-Man's Wharf is perfect since that boss is easy with two competant high level players, the run up is very safe, and on later NG runs, you can skip the whole area. Sunlight Medal is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls. People seems to struggle with this boss into higher SM brackets as well. Lautrec - giftAnor LondoChaos Bug - dropGiven to Warriors of Sunlight and their teammates after defeating a boss. The Warrior of Sunlight may be an online player or Solaire of Astora. Typically short wait times for summoning. Defeat the Skeleton Lords and then run to the Altar of Sunlight. Tbh probably the easiest covenant item to farm, given the bugs don't fight back. For the Dark Souls III variant, see Sunlight Medal (Dark Souls III). To get these early in the game, defeat the Dragonrider immediately and give Licia 2000 souls to access Huntsman's Copse. Nickname: matheus.sf, Looking for Jolly Cooperation to knock this out- PSN Name: Dreamkllr, For those wondering, best place to put your summons is near Fume Knight boss or at the Kings Gate bonfire. PS4, soul memory 14m+. Slightly increases miracle attack power. A medal depicting the sun. You guessed it: red. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Sunlight Medals are items used to increase your rank in the. This contact with another player will be registered by your system, and you will be able to message them. This was using the discovery up gear and the covenant, (Sotfs) so i only play offline and decied to farm these at betwixt fire. It is more likely to be summoned while in the covenant, however, from the more noticeable sign and the fact that the world master gets a reward. Sunlight Medals are awarded for defeating area bosses in co-op; however, you and/or the summoned phantom must be a member of the covenant to earn them. Other phantoms do not get this medal. Found Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. SM 9.502.559 PSN: JackieChanDeBike. Kill both on your world while in the sunlight covenant then in your friends. Sunlight Medal is an item in Dark Souls 2. The easiest way to obtain sunlight Medals is to put your sign outside of the Demon of Song entrance. A community dedicated to Dark Souls 2, game released for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One. Players might want to leave this covenant after obtaining all of the rewards, because there will be nothing else left to fight for and the covenant does not have a unique merchant. I hate these stupid medals!!! Thenotoriousjizm add me up soul memory in around 9mil need sunlight medals going for plat and it's a pain anyway who helps me out I'll return the favour, I can also help out in ds3 if anyone needs help I have it platinumed and bloodbourne ... Hello, need help farming this on PS3 regular DS2 version! Can be obtained by summoning a Gold Phantom and letting them fulfill their duty. It is one of the most well-known covenants, granting the gesture "praise the sun," and  the Sunlight Spear, which have become icons of the series. If anyone wants to help me farm these on xbox, I'm SM 9mil, gamertag Slaughtergorila, Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Can be obtained by fulfilling your duty as a. I see it brought up a lot in this sub, where people are struggling for the 30 medals to complete sunbros, and it can be super easy. Does consistently 34% more damage than regular Lightning Spear, tested at 41 faith, sunlight talisman at 159 spell buff. Defeating the host rewards one medal. Earned medals can be offered at the Heirs of the Sun statue in Harvest Valley to increase one's rank. This cove,a,t is almost dead right now, people don't summon sunbros often, so having 30 sun medals is a hard work.You'll have to farm them from fauconners...I did it.It took me about 6 hours, equipped with prisoners cloth dragon shield and covetous gold ring +1... i was at 0 soul when i started, on purpose cause i wanted to knopw how many kills were needed for 30 sun medals.I finished with 226 720 souls, each fauconner give 260 souls so its 872 of them i had to kill. Offer to the shrine of the Heirs of the Sunat the Sunlight Altar in Harvest Valley to increase rank. Send them a polite message. There are 13 sunlight medal for sale on Etsy, and they cost $12.53 on average. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I'd consider leaving those hosts and waiting for one that has at least 3 knights. Sunlight Medals are a part of the Warriors of Sunlight covenant. If you don't have a good stable Internet connection or you can't seem to find someone to co-op with then you're shit out of luck it seems. SM 750.000 (Tier 22). I was constantly summoned at a SM of 3.5 mil. Acquired by reaching Rank 2 in the Warriors of Sunlight.. You must offer 30 Sunlight Medals at the sunlight alter found in Lothric Castle to reach Rank 2. This will net a quick 4 medals because the bosses are both rather easy with two people, even at ng+7. This covenant does not have an NPC related to it. So Iron Keep or Drangleic Castle, these areas also see traffic with WlDE varieties of SM levels. A Sunlight Medal is an item in Dark Souls. Farming Sunlight Medals Greetings, everyone! Two people can go to an area and one can summon the other. Currently playing PS4, having some good luck with online play. Howerver nothing happened. Me and a friend farmed 30 of these in under 2 hours. 10 =Sacred Oath (Miracle) and 30 = Great Lightning Spear (Miracle) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Glitch (FIXED): When being invaded, kneeling down at the altar will make you invulnerable. 1 shotting the falconers, using homeward teleport spell, Need help for PS4 plat PSN:bobstone907 SM:8.5mil, Anyone want to farm these? You cannot drop these with a phantom present (need confirmation, got one from a Banedigger while a white phantom was present in my world). PRAISE THE SUN. Sunlight Medals are items used to increase your rank in the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. Add me "Supernovado" lvl 180 5m souls. Can also be traded with Snuggly for a White Titanite Chunk. Also, Soul Spear and Crystal Soulspear just goes over their heads if they get too close and they move pretty fast, whereas Dark Orb actually hits them point blank, though the downside is that its mostly 1v1, but slow and steady was still faster.Equipment worn:Dark infused Black Witch Staff+10, Watchdragon Parma, Symbol of Avarice, Prisoner's tatters, Havel's Gauntlets, Havel's Leggings, Third Dragon Ring, Covetus Gold Serpent Ring +2, Ring of Knowledge (cuz i had 55 int and 60 faith), Dark Clutch RingDont need to care about that mimic helmet dmg, its totally fine and u have estus anyways, but if u need to use estus cuz of the mimic head, u are killig them way too slow anyways (might be a good indicator if u are doing fine with clearspeed or not).

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