– EST activities offer a unique opportunity for tourism managers to positively influence conservation in and around communities, protected areas and sport events. La organización de eventos por parte de las ciudades tiene diferentes implicaciones, entre ellas que los deportistas que participan en él conozcan la urbe y puedan tener intenciones de volver a ella como turistas o recomendarla.Este trabajo tiene como objetivo analizar las variables predictoras de las intenciones futuras de los deportistas respecto a la ciudad de acogida del evento. Many sporting organizations which have become traditional can be made richer by planning. Resumen: In some, cases, these individuals participate in sports tournaments, not just to enhance the status and, reputation of their families, but also the community as a whole. facilitating the visit of the individuals. It is a tourism that focuses, upon sports. The main areas that have been taken into account are, factors that influence, sports tourism, benefits of sports tourism, classification of sports tourism, characteristics of, sports tourists and Institutional and Regulatory Framework. national federations within India are also autonomous and are registered as societies. findings discovered four strategic segments (namely; vacation, green, action oriented and active tourists), their related activities, and the level of need for eco certification. When the term, product is used, it means, the sport towards which one pays, adequate attention. SAI is managed by the general body and governing. Anahtar Kelimeler: Kartepe, Spor Temalı İlçe, Spor Turizmi. Sports tourists possess various characteristics, these are, interest and enthusiasm. Each international federation has its own governing, body and is proficient to formulate its regulations regarding the rules. With the invention of automobiles and air travel in the past century, individuals have been able to move to various locations to participate in sports tourism, began to acquire accommodations away from their homes. because of their objective, and they form a constructive image for the destination. then it is vital that they get engaged in professional training and participate in sporting events. In addition, when product development, takes place, one is able to make the most use of the abilities that is provided within the, reinforces corporate support. There have been establishment of organizations in India, with the main objective of, promoting sports tourism. - Sports tourism can reinforce the national heritage, - Sports are an investment in the tourism industry and leads to, – Sports tourism generates experience among the individuals and develops, – Sports tourism develops a new product, and a new tourism, – Sports tourism develops community relationships and, – Drawing of high yield visitors are especially the ones, who, – Development of new infrastructure is an integral part for leading to, – Communication is regarded as the primary aspect in the, – The development of infrastructure, communication, and, - Hard definition of sports tourism refers to the number, - Sports event tourism refers to the individuals, who plan a, - Nostalgia sports tourism involves traveling to well-known, – The individuals, who travel primarily for the purpose of, - Sports tourism is comprehensively defined by the adventure, – In India, individuals in most cases, plan a holiday with, The sports tourists usually develop interest in various, – In most cases, the sports tourists pay adequate attention in, – In order to gain success in the achievement of tasks, it is vital for the. On the other hand, when individuals need to make, frequent visits to the places for especially, participating in sports, then they are able to, generate constructive image for the destination. The individuals in some cases, plan a sports tourism, when they, have to observe the events or competitions, in which their relatives or friends are, participating. participation in sports events or even when plan trips, just for the purpose of observance, do. Abstract: In some cases, individuals may travel along with their friends or family, members, whereas in others, they need to travel on their own. Lastly, the innovations in. In addition, they obtain, the opportunity to enhance their reputation and it makes provision of entertainment. The individuals, belonging to all age groups and backgrounds take interest in, sports tourism. The concept of sport-related tourism has become more prominent in the last few years as both an academic field of study and an increasingly popular tourism product (Gibson, 1998). developed as a coaching institute of excellence for coaches at NIS Patiala. The reason being, they, need to interact with number of people, hence, it is vital for them to be polite and ethical in, their way of communication with others. Generally these kinds of, events are the stimulus that interests the visitors to make a visit to these events. When competitions are organized, between two players or two teams, then. During this stage, they participate in numerous events, on national as well as international basis and are able to enhance their status and reputation, source of entertainment. When individuals are dedicated towards a particular sport, is an, athlete by profession, participates in various competitions and events, then they develop. Sports organizations in the district for this purpose reveal conditions such as its sports potential and its place in the region from a sportive perspective. Individuals from the initial stage usually are introduced to various sports. Las dimensiones de calidad de servicio de tangibles y seguridad, así como la satisfacción general y valor percibido resultaron significativas. Palabras clave: Eventos deportivos, turismo deportivo, calidad, satisfacción, intenciones futuras. Aero sports are like, ballooning, paragliding, and hand gliding. These, aspects enables one to understand that active sports tourists are required to follow a strict, They may possess a college degree, could be a high school or a middle school graduate or, just possess the basic literacy skills. improvements. Por tanto, los gestores de eventos deportivos y los responsables del área de turismo deben buscar la calidad en estos aspectos para que las intenciones futuras de los deportistas respecto a la ciudad sean mayores. In this, manner, one is able to enhance their understanding in terms of the scores, overs, number of, balls available and so forth. safeguard, promote and maintain playing fields throughout the country. When they get enrolled in, regular schools, they begin to participate in competitions and tournaments, particularly when, they develop an interest and skills in a specific sport. One of the aspects that is of utmost significance is, participation in active sports tourism involves thorough preparation. Retrieved October 17, 2018 from, http://w2.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Sports-T. Whenever, there are any sports events, or matches, individuals usually develop keenness and enthusiasm and take pleasure in, watching them. Participants constantly seek adequate facilities to participate in their favoured activity, but not always require formally organized competition. tions, including that athletes who participate in it can know the city and may have intentions of returning to it as tourists or recommend it. Meanwhile it's a new, form, which can enable the individuals to participate in the sports and obtain the natural, experiences. Se administró un cuestionario a 99 deportistas del 12º Campeonato del Mundo The individuals, who are planning sports tourism to another city or, Therefore, in this manner, they are able to simultaneously plan their sports tourism and, leisure tourism. The individuals are able to recognize their responsibilities towards their, family members and render a significant contribution in leading to their well-being. In India, there are 52 National Sports Federations. There are undeniably various destinations within the country that, contribute in sports tourism. In addition to the role that transportation and, accommodation contributed in increasing the popularity of sports tourism, new innovations in, media technology also assisted in development. Normally the trainers, who are involved in providing training to the individuals are, strict in attitude. Activities, Development, Participation, Sports T, – For the individuals to participate in any form of sports tourism, a, - Equally important in making it possible for expansion of. visitors can come to know the individuals, belonging to other countries and their culture. Sports tourism has been beneficial to the individuals, belonging to all age groups, irrespective of their socio-economic categories and backgrounds.

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