The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Creamy, protein-rich hummus is a popular dip that kids will like scooping up with crackers and raw veggie sticks. It is super rich-tasting and cheesy, with cream cheese, creme fraiche, and Alpine-style cheeses, melted together with fresh baby spinach. Kids can have fun helping you to cut out the dough shapes using their favorite cookie cutters. Get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox. Prep it easily using your slow cooker, and serve ladled over hot cooked noodles or rice for a satisfying family meal. Once they see how great spinach can taste, they'll add it to the regular food repertoire. What you need, of course, are easy baking recipes for your kids to follow along with — something mostly harmless, but hopefully delightful. Stuffed Shells Recipe with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese - Pasta shells are filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, then topped with spaghetti sauce and more cheese in this hearty dinner recipe. It's quick and easy to make and super nutritious, with protein-packed chickpeas, iron-rich spinach, and aromatic spices. Most importantly, these spinach recipes will get your kids used to eating the green stuff. Or maybe just ‘Kiss me, I just ate a ton of spinach and loved it’. Get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox. Bonus: they're packed with plenty of (sneaky) nutritional value so parents will love them, too. 1. These hidden veggie spinach banana pancakes are toddler approved! They'll love the sweet berries and you can always add some bacon crumbles for little meat lovers. Use fresh or frozen spinach for the filling and serve for lunch or as an after-school snack. Whenever the kids get the munchies, take a few out and heat them up. But my toddler also loves these combinations: Banana-Blueberry (our favorite) Strawberry-Banana; Banana-Pineapple-Berry; Banana-Raspberry Cookie Cups . It provides essential nutrients that are vital for the growth of the baby. Serve it with crusty rolls (or cheesy garlic bread) for a hearty school lunch or mid-day meal at home. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Antioxidants in Spinach are suitable for growing children's muscles. Get your kids excited about eating healthy greens by trying one of these 10 kid-friendly spinach and kale recipes! And you can make these spinach balls in advance and freeze them. Toddlers can’t eat a whole bowl of spinach – their tummies are too small, and the bulk of raw spinach would fill them up quickly. Empanadas are flaky, baked pastries with a savory, cheese and vegetable filling that makes a fantastic lunch idea for hungry little ones. Spanokopita is a traditional Greek spinach pie that layers spinach and feta cheese between flaky sheets of phyllo pastry. Blueberries and spinach are natural superfoods that can taste surprisingly great together, like in this healthy breakfast smoothie. But they're still better than potato chips. Tell kids they're having "green cheese pasta" for dinner and watch their faces light up with smiles! Then give one to your hungry toddler. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, 22 Healthy Breakfasts Your Kids Will Actually Eat, Vegetarian Oven-Baked Pasta Casserole Recipes, Vegetarian Oven-Baked Pasta With Ricotta Cheese and Spinach, 50 Lunch Ideas for Kids at Home or for School, 60 Breakfast Egg Recipes to Start the Day Right, 38 Back-to-School Breakfast Recipes and Ideas, 34 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day. I’m pretty sure she is saying ‘Kiss me I’m Irish!’ in this picture. Mexican Salad Recipe - I don't even bother telling the kids this salad is made with fresh spinach instead of lettuce. A freelance journalist and avid home cook, Cathy Jacobs has more than 10 years of food writing experience, with a focus on curating approachable menus and recipe collections. Health Benefits of Spinach for Babies and Toddlers Spinach is useful for babies with less appetite as it is easily digestible. Serve with garlic bread and a tossed salad for a complete meal. The Spinach Basil Pesto is packed with spinach and basil, of course, but also garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, lemon and olive oil. Spinach Salad With Strawberries and Pecans, spinach and strawberry salad with crunchy pecans, Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Breast, Vegetarian Lentil Soup with Spinach and Carrots. It's like a baked spinach French toast. Whether you're a vegetarian or just looking for meatless Monday recipes for your family, you should definitely try this crowd-pleasing spinach lasagna. Want more of these blended beauties, check out these tricks for healthy smoothies. After they bake, I let them sit for a few minutes to set up. With these breakfast spinach recipes, the kids get their greens before the day starts! Peach Smoothie. 2 / 12. Bake up a cheesy chicken and spinach casserole in only half an hour. What are the health benefits of spinach? Spinach Balls Recipe - Frozen spinach is mixed with stuffing mix, cooked sausage and cheese in these little bites of spinach yumminess. I personally love two recipes, a Walnut Sage Pesto (this one is spinach-free) and a new Spinach Basil Pesto I’ve just discovered. Prepare it easily using your slow cooker and serve ladled over hot cooked noodles or rice for a satisfying family meal. Whip up a hearty, kid-pleasing beef stew with tomatoes and vegetables. It's easy to sneak extra veggies into the colorful filling, too (just dice them up small). Browse through hundreds of tasty recipes for kids (and picky adults). You can serve them with a little butter, maple syrup and fresh fruits. A whole banana is added for extra natural sweetness. They're all homemade, and they all have plenty of vitamins and minerals. Creamy scrambled eggs are a kid-approved breakfast that's simple for parents to prepare. The spinach and artichoke stuffed chicken is surprisingly easy and everything—including the lemon cream sauce—cooks up in 30 minutes. Spinach is smothered in a creamy sauce, topped with breadcrumbs, and baked until golden brown, in this classic French recipe that's a wonderful way to get kids loving the taste of spinach. And it's a great way to get the kids to eat it! Footer. Your toddler most likely won’t be able to taste the spinach since the ripe bananas make the pancakes pretty sweet. It's great on busy weekday mornings for kids to enjoy eating on the go. Toddler Spinach Smoothie Flavors to Try. Kids are sure to like everything about it, including the crunchy, toasted breadcrumb topping. This healthy recipe tweaks it by adding chopped fresh spinach for added nutrition and flavor. I typically make banana-berry smoothies, largely because mixed berries are the cheapest and most widely available frozen fruit. Vitamins A, C, E, K and folate packed spinach ensures improved immunity and a strong, healthy body. There are delicious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that they'll truly enjoy eating. Philippe Desnerck / Photolibrary / Getty Images. Kids who like Indian food will ask you to make this flavorful vegetarian dinner again and again. Italian Bruschetta with Spinach Pesto - Don't let the fancy name fool you.

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