Since I got this one I have no problem falling asleep and staying asleep. Receive special promotions, sales and the latest discounts on Serta products. For someone who cannot sleep even with a box spring under the mattress as it contributes too much movement to the mattress, even that slight change in surface padding caused problems. So I contacted the motel, asked them about the mattress and they referred me to the Guest Purchase program at Serta. Absolutely love our new Standale II Pillow Top Firm. NO So we bought another Serta model, but after a few weeks took it back - it just did not meet our expectations. Manufacturers' online scales for extra firm describe it as how it would be to sleep on top of a pad on a floor. WHY MESS UP A REALLY GOOD MATTRESS!! My husband loves it too! When it was delivered and unwrapped I immediately noticed that even though it was still a "tight top", by no means a plush top, it had more padding on the surface. If you like … It does indent quite a bit when sat on, and he's an average sized gentleman. This mattress is very comfortable for me. As long as Serta keeps making good mattresses such as these, I will stay loyal to the brand. So supportive for my back and hips . YES (0) YES NO I had been researching online for a mattress for a couple months and so continued to do that while my back was hurting. We knew we wanted a Serta but wanted the best deal. I have a bad back and had troubles since I was 25, am now 68 yrs. We test every Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress ourselves, and you can see the results and our review for the Standale II Luxury Firm mattress below: Comfort Scale Rating. (39) Serta ruined their innerspring extra firm mattress available for this year, 2019. Coralview Firm. I feel so good in the morning that I don't won't to get up because I want to savor that feeling of being cuddled in something so relaxing that it just makes you feel good all over. I'm amazed that I haven't waken throughout the night with lower back pain and literally sleeping like a baby. This mattress is the 1st one I have bought after sleeping on it at a motel. I could not believe how much firmer and more comfortable this new perfect sleeper was, I am actually sleeping more sound and through the night more. The mattress itself is constructed well and the price fit within the budget however, I wished I would have searched some other stores before making this purchase. YES It is so soft and comfortable. That padding is enough that it lends some "bounciness" to it. I entered the name of the hotel, was able to confirm the model I wanted and it was delivered promptly. THE BEST SLEEP IVE HAD IN A LONG TIME......SOME MORNINGS I DONT EVEN WANT TO GET UP...... Was this helpful? Cutting-edge foam and an exclusive support system for a cool, comfy sleep. YES The Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Standale II Luxury Firm mattress features a luxe, cool-to-the-touch cover and Serta’s all-new comfort system for better pressure-point relief than ever before. Was this helpful? (3) Perfect Sleeper®, Model I am very pleased with mine. My back is thankful and I would truly recommend this mattress, still can not believe how much difference of comfort there is within 9 1/2 years between mattresses. (0) I am sold on Serta and so is my husband. An advanced custom coil system helps reduce motion transfer and provide support on all … The day I checked out, I flipped the mattress up to read the label. This mattress is absolutely amazing. A firmer mattress like this will appeal to you if you like sleeping on a firmer bed. Received my new mattress yesterday. Since it was Penny's it had a different name, but the description was identical, and it did not disappoint. Receive special promotions, sales and the latest discounts on Serta products. This is my very first Serta Mattress purchase I'm very please with the results. Shop Now. I love it. I was expecting several weeks. We had checked the mattress at the store but the one that we bought was not there so we ordered it online. NO (0), last mattress we had was a disaster...only 2 years old and we couldn't handle it anymore...we both sank on either side and had to climb a mountain if we rolled over to get next to each other...this has a 10 year warranty too and should have used it but ending up selling for half of what we paid to avoid going through all senior citizens with aches and pains, we need support and a good nights rest..the new mattress is a perfect sleeper...summerscape ll that was not listed in your listings of models so I selectd the Kleinmon ll, Was this helpful? See what others are saying about their Serta mattresses. My family always bought their beds from Serta my whole life so when I wanted to get a new quality mattress there was no thought about it I came back here to Serta. Within days of purchasing this mattress I began experiencing lower back, hip, and leg discomfort to the point of major daily doses of pain meds to get any kind of relief. (0), Length of Ownership (0), Was impressed with the plushness and comfort of the mattress. I like the way the mattress feels.It is a more comfortable mattress than the competitor brand I had before. This year, I wanted to get a new mattress for a 2nd bedroom. A versatile adjustable base for customized comfort. Let’s just say, they seem to be getting some seriously comfortable sleep. Absolutely the most comfortable bed I have ever experienced. Serta changed the names of the mattress lines in 2019 and the Trelleburg II was the name for the innerspring. But as I was getting ready to go out and look for a new mattress and try them out my back started having so much pain I could barely walk from one room in my home to another. It is like being enveloped in a soft, fluffy, cuddly cloud. (5) It also relives the pressure points I had on the previous memory foam mattress. NO A versatile adjustable base for customized comfort. I feel that the hybrid is a good balance of you are not sure which to get. YES For people suffering back problems I think this is the overall preference. I got this one with the adjustable base and it is so comfortable. Was this helpful? View Product Catalog, Perfect Sleeper Foundation - Starting at $120. GOT THRU SAMS INTERNET SITE, My son has one so we got one just like him and we love it very much. I am not sleeping much better. It was delivered to me on Friday April 20, 2018 and I am very satisfied with my purchase. The Standale II Luxury Firm mattress is a medium-firm feeling bed that we rate 3.5 on our 10 point Comfort Scale (a 1 is hard, 10 is softest). I will not give this mattress up to anyone. Since using this bed I have the most restful sleep I've had in the last 5 years. Was this helpful? This thing is comfortable! NO (52). Always try it in store before you buy it. YES (1) YES (12) I have tried many top quality mattresses and I have to say this is the most supportive hands down. It has become difficult to go to work on time in the morning now. Was this helpful? I fall to sleep so much faster now on this bed. The only downside is that my old mattress had a little bit more stiffness at the edges when getting out of it, but nothing compared to the overall comfort. In summary, the Standale II Luxury Firm is a great mattress, but it's particularly amazing for back sleepers of all body types. From the very first night was able to get a good nights sleep! 4.6 / 5, darster1 I had previously owned the Serta Moonbeam Mist mattress on platform bed, wanted to get similarly firm mattress, Trellberg II by Serta is the current firm model which is comparable to my previous serta.

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