Secondly, you also need to look at where exactly your car needs protection. 4 Pack High Density Garage Car Door Protector-Garage Wall Protector Bumper Guard for Car Doors Anti,Self Adhesive EVA Foam for Warehouse Parking Assist Collision Waterproof (11.8x3.93x1.18 inches) 4.7 out of 5 stars 102 Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Obviously, it’s not the end of the world. Recommended for children aged one and a half years old and above. ATMOMO Car Body Bumper Guard Protector, 12 Safety Bumpers and Protective Bumper Guards (50921) Stay off sharp edges with Safety Bumper guards built especially for warehouses and stores. A car bumper guard can be an easy way to protect your car from damage that may be incurred while you are away from your vehicle when it is parked in the street. Not suitable if your bumper is not completely flat. Porsche 928. FMVSS 215 was effective starting September 1, 1972 and required new automobiles to sustain a 5 mph front end or 2.5 mph rear end collision without causing damage to the lighting equipment or fuel delivery system. I stopped reading after “as if the Countach wasn’t folded-paper-ugly enough” and promptly erased your name and all of your articles from my memory. What most people refer to as the bumper on modern vehicles is actually the bumper cover. Plus, it looks great too as it has a gloss black finish that is UV protected so is built to last. They have made it out of long-lasting rubber that is also durable and will last a lifetime. A lot of people hate the plastic bumper, but I think they did a great job blending in the new bumper without changing the design of the car. US bumper regulations were a lesson in the automotive design cycle in the 70’s. The sleek design and finish should suit most cars while it is made of non-corrosive steel that ensures longevity. However, a large number of states have police that can issue a ticket for using a vehicle they deem unsafe. It is installed by peeling back the adhesive backing from the bumper protector itself and stuck in place. Plus, plastic is simply far better at absorbing the energy created from a collision with no permanent damage actually caused. A:  Plastic was used in car bumpers from the 1980s onwards. I own a remarkably original 79 E21 BMW 320i, with enormous diving board bumpers. For those that want a bumper protector that works yet is so quick to install it only takes moments, this car bumper guard from Pacer Performance is perhaps the best bumper guard for cars that money can buy. There are surely more U.S. market vehicles from the oil crisis period that get the enthusiast “OK!” What other cars made from ’74-’82 managed to stay sharp despite FMVSS 215? Better off grafting AMC Pacer bumpers onto the thing. We like it because of the car bumper protector’s strength and durability that provides users with the assurance that their bumper protector will guard against any parking collisions that occur when away from their vehicle. In some countries, their use is even banned, though they are commonly seen in the outback of Australia, for instance. Best integrated bumpers of all are the Porsche 928’s. These types can be fairly inconspicuous if applied correctly and inopportune places. There are several ways to protect your bumper. When the two amounts are multiplied, they then need to be halved to get the kinetic energy that is created from an impact. The answer is easy: Volvo 240. Kitchenistic helps you find the latest and gratest It’s easy to see why this car bumper protector works so well given how solid the steel frame is that it is made with. Gave it extra lenght. Check Latest Price. The company designed the car bumper protector with looks in mind so it will compliment all cars. The bumper is a structural metal component of the bumper assembly designed for vehicle crash safety. Comes with a 4 mph impact rating for US testing labs, Locking mechanism is complicated at times. However, the bumper needs to be completely flat to be used. They then fold out when you want to use them. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The last on our list of best front bumper guards for cars is also inexpensive and comes as part of a four piece set. We like the stabilizer bars, which add much-needed stability that does not come standard in every single car bumper protector available. They need to pass strict high-precision testing before they can leave the factory.

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