Note: Action height is adjustable by raising or lowering the studs that the bridge sits on. I have 3 PRS with the stoptail - 2 of them came to me with adjustable bridges on them (1 PRS adjustable, 1 Tonepros). From £95.00 - £162.00 Quick View SE Tremolo Saddles (Set of 6) £34.00 Quick View Stoptail Bridge Studs. Either way, PRS guitars are great; I have a Custom 24 that I have become quite attached to. For whatever reason, an adjustable stoptail (I have two Schroder stoptails) feels more natural and I don't have any issues with my wrist getting tired. PRS Machined Stoptail Bridge Unplated Polished Aluminum. Trusted Source. With its retro-inspired vibe and appointments, the SE Starla Stoptail is an approachable but distinctive guitar. The non adjustable stoptail makes me hold my picking hand in a way that bothers my wrist. £47.00 Out of Stock. PRS Stoptail Bridge Designed to take full advantage of the resonant properties of their guitars, the PRS Stoptail Bridge provides direct transmission of string vibration to the guitar body and makes set-up a breeze. Gold Anodized Stoptail Bridge with Unplated Brass Studs. I noticed it most when I was palm muting. Quick View SE Tremolo Bridge. Adjustable Stoptail bridge - For use with PRS stoptail models. I ended up switching both of those back to the standard wraparound bridge - they sounded better, played better, and I could get them dead-nuts, strobe-tuner accurate with just the 2 little set screws at each end (yeah, you can adjust those "fixed" bridges) Includes two matching brass studs (with unplated brass threads). PRS has an adjustable stoptail with individual saddles, but I tried one on a guitar I once owned and realized that the additional height of the bridge also made it more difficult to get the action down where I like it. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NEW PRS Stoptail Bridge Studs, Metric Thread, UNPLATED POLISHED BRASS, #ACC-4045 at the … From £310.00 - £431.00 Quick View SE Locking Tuners (Set) £89.00 Quick View SE Stoptail Bridge. (Stoptail bridge will fit SE-line, but studs will not). For use with PRS Stoptail models. (Stop tail bridge will fit SE-line, but studs will not) Note:Use a wide, fla Stoptail Bridge with Studs – PRS Guitars West Street East Accessory Store Includes 2 matching brass studs (with un-plated threads) and intonation adjustment tool. The all-mahogany body paired with a two-piece adjustable stoptail bridge offers a woody, warm midrange tone, while the DS-02 treble and bass pickups add a bright high-end bark that allows the SE Starla Stoptail to cut through the mix. As they say on the Internet, YMMV. First used in 1991 on the PRS Dragon | guitar, it now appears on almost half of all PRS guitars sold. Includes intonation adjustment tool. I like an adjustable bridge for comfort when I play. Includes 2 matching brass studs (with unplated threads) and intonation adjustment tool. £264.00 Quick View PRS Tremolo Bridge. (Stoptail bridge will fit SE-line, but studs will not) Note:Use a wide, flat object such as a large head slotted screwdriver to adjust the stud.

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