There are much more powerful enemies there (that give very good exp and meseta), so if you do head that way, be careful! Take it, then head back down the chute to the second floor once again. Amy made it the easiest assuming she doesn't get possessed. Continue to the right, and ride the chute back down to floor 3. You can't get to it from here, so ignore it for the time being. As a standard rule in just about all RPGs, you should: (A.) I find hitting him until he dies generally works well. Follow along the path a little bit more and you'll soon reach the Control Panel. As you would expect, it is. Here, you'll learn the basic layout of the majority of the floors in Guaron... a small circular room with a pit in the center, and two staircases. Now we can blast our way into Nido Tower and rescue Teim! Once you have spoken to him, exit Roron and you'll find the Jet Scooter abandoned outside. As you know, each of the four corners of the bottom floor contains a chest. The equipment from Piata can wait a while, so I suggest getting the following: When you've (finally) made all your purchases, set out for Uzo Island and start your search for the Maruera Leaf! During the space century 284, Dark Falz possessed King Lassic (Also known as King Lashiac), the once beloved and fair ruler of the Algo star system into a warped and cruel tyrant. *NOTE* In addition to which members you currently have in your party, your party order is also important. Though in theory it is possible to kill her, chances are it's not gonna happen. *NOTE* If you need, you can exit Climatrol and come back here after a quick rest. (Created 6/6/2003), Anna vs Shir vs Kain in Generations (remake). Careful where you walk. Rolf and party are OK, but the planet of Parma was completely destroyed in the collision. Tyler drops the party back off at Paseo, and Rolf quickly heads to the Central Tower. Enter the item-storage room, then exit, and repeat until Shir makes her move. The monsters you fight are obviously the strongest in the game, but no stronger than what you have already seen, especially in Naval. First, like all companions, Amy starts off weak and ill-equipped, so you'll want to fight monsters both to raise Amy's levels, and gather Meseta for the new equipment in town. Then go north a little ways, then back left to reach the room in the center of the floor, which contains a Crystal Cape. Ride it back up to ground level (up down up down... getting tired yet? After getting it, return once more to the pit/stairs room. Grab the chest, then make your way back to the chute you came down, and ride it back upstairs. Your only choice is to re-load your saved game, and go back and fight them "the right way" the next time. Find guides to this achievement here. Here is another matter of preference... you may choose to either buy two Sonic Guns for Rudo, or one Shotgun. The Green Dam is located on the north side of the Central Lake, visible from Paseo. Take the right-hand path leading to the south and you'll reach another chute leading back up. Upon entering Naval you'll find yourself outside the actual "dungeon" area. Though we have the Jet Scooter, it is also accessible by land. After speaking with him, be sure to pick up the Aeroprism in the chest! Then, move to the south and west, go back up to floor 4 again, and you'll see the console once again to the northwest. Much stronger than Kyra) | Likely Large Star Class (Shouldn't be to far behind Chaz in terms of strength) | At least Solar System Class, possibly far higher (The strongest incarnation of Dark Falz) | At least Planet class, possibly far higher (Much stronger than Ely Sion, which can cleave planets in half), Durability: Solar System level (Tanked hits from Alis, Odin and Lutz; should be above Lassic) | Solar System level (Took several hits from Rolf and Nei) | Solar System level (Should be comparable; if not superior to his previous forms) | Solar System level (Should be immensely superior to the Chaos Sorcerer, who fought the Heroes of Algo) | A leastSolar System level, possibly far higher (Tanked hits from the now stronger Heroes of Algo) | Likely Large Star level (Shouldn't be to far below Zio) | Solar System level (The strongest known incarnation of the Algolan Dark Falz and fought the Heroes of Algo near their prime of power) | At least Planet level, possibly far higher (Tanked hits from Ethan Waber), Range: Interstellar (Rune said it's awakening was messing with the entire solar system), Weaknesses: Can only enter the universe every 1000 years, Key: Phantasy Star | Phantasy Star II: the End of the Restoration | Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom | Phantasy Star IV: At the End of The Millennium (Form One) | Phantasy Star IV: At the End of The Millennium (Form Two) | Seth | Phantasy Star IV: At the End of The Millennium (Final Form) | Gurhal Dark Falz/Phantasy Star Online.

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