The attached file shows the calculation of the gini-Gain of the root-node. In statistical physics and mathematics, percolation theory describes the behavior of a network when nodes or links are removed. issues must be dealt with inextricably. struggle somewhat to explain how individual issues change into collective ones. Have you heard of such a paper in social choice theory? I wonder if we can apply this theory to social choice. I reviewed the concept in google. percolation étudie à l'échelon global (macro) les effets d'actions locales (micro). see, Probably a good reference or your work is Mackenzies, Muniesa and Siu's book "Do economists make markets?" The image of the spread of a fire in a forest is a good shortcut. system (percolating cluster). market integration. comportements collectifs et de percolation. considère que l'individuel et le collectif ne peuvent s'envisager l'un sans l'autre. I hope you like, and if you like, we can share our work and literature, maybe we could write some together. phénomènes collectifs grâce à des simulations numériques de modèles de percolation qui On the one hand, the theory reveals the existence of a threshold Is my attached calculation of the gini-gain correct? intègrent l'hétérogénéité des comportements, l'aléa des situations individuelles et les Percolation theory deals with the numbers and properties of the clusters formed when sites are occupied with probability p, see Fig. Finally, the fourth chapter La thèse propose l'analyse des Effect of Australian wildfire on its economy and relating it to Nigerian setting? Discuss the implications to the economy and relate it to Nigeria's situations and what agencies need to be strengthened to combat such menace in Nigeria. L'approche proposée I work into a program research called PECCI (Programa de Estudios en Complejidad, Cognición e Instituciones - Program of Research in Complexity, Cognition and Institutions) in México and last week we have the opotunity to share our work with E. Ostrom. Random graphs provide a framework for modeling network phenomena, especially phase transitions, such as the sudden emergence of large-scale connectivity. Can someone please advise me as to the best software to use to analyse quantitative data. This is because of bootstrapping, right? network, the theory of percolation studies the effect of local actions (micro) at a Best software for quantitative data analysis? to numerical percolation model simulations which fit into the heterogeneity of the This microeconomics field is interested in studiyng aggregation functions of individual preferences. Particularly when we are obliged to consider somewhat homogenous individul preferences. Its speed to reach all agents depends obviously with their connectivity and their rationality. I am looking to increase the pH to about 7,2 and increase the alkalinity as much as possible (no more than 200mg/L CaCO3). So, for the calculation of the Gini-Index and Gini-Gain I just use the values and not the samples, is that right? I will look at this carefully and tell you if I could develop the model that I've exposed. l'état global du système se produit (amas percolant). réseaux sociaux, modèles de comportements collectifs, décision collective, émergence, We show that interactions between different types of networks can actually lower critical thresholds and provide stabilizing effects with respect to cascades. Intuitively; homogeneity of the agents accelerates the speed of the "front" however, heterogeneity reduces its progress. I also want authorities that support treating Likert Scale as interval scale. Hi all, I'm a researcher in Social Choice Theory. I hope it help you. The theory of percolation therefore makes it possible to both The third chapter describes socio-economic percolation and collective behaviour. Pls. certain characteristic sizes. Hi check this out -- special program on percolation at the Santa Fe Institute. Good luck. which, when overstepped, produces a qualitative modification of the global state of the different behavior, the random individual situations and the relationships that the Hi all, I'm a researcher in Social Choice Theory. envisage and to understand new global situations. Economics and percolation: what percolation is exactly? What other parameteres are needed for the calculation?,, nouveaux apports de la percolation à la théorie économique, au travers des notions de Les concepts fondamentaux du modèle de percolation, Notions et modèles avancés en percolation, Thèse de Doctorat de l'Université de Nantes, Très honorable avec les félicitations du jury, Modèles socioéconomiques de comportements collectifs et percolation. But what does the real and imaginary parts physically mean? This is a type of phase transition, since at a critical fraction of removal the network breaks into significantly smaller connected clusters. Notions such as: informational cascades and herding may be investigated as a percolation of ideas and information. les deux premiers chapitres. info copied below. théorie de la percolation, seuil de percolation, non-linéarité, transition de phase, expliquer le passage de l'individuel au collectif. Sur un réseau, la théorie de la Does somebody have heard of a paper of this kind? Elegant methodology. How do I present a Likert Scare data with percentages and mean on one table?. Warmly ! You could do the same with your work on Identity and Cooperation. How to calculate the gini-gain of a decision-Tree(Random-Forest)? (1.1). D'une Stress is given to interdisciplinary aspects of this course and its continuation to M.Sc. Enfin, le quatrième chapitre présente de Could you explain to me what percolation is exactly? I have a body of water (volume=x) with about pH: 5.5 and alkalinity of about 4,5 mg/L CaCO3. Think percolation like a coffee´s filter, if the filter is very strong the cup will be empty, coffee never pass. Le concept de percolation a été proposé en 1956 par le mathématicien J.M. Finally, the fourth chapter introduces new percolation inputs into economic theory through notions of dominance and market integration. So bootstrapping gets me from the 1262 samples the subsample-set with the values [514,488,509,505], correct? The concept of percolation was started in 1956 by the mathematician J.M. apporte une réponse aux limites des modèles économiques traditionnels qui peinent à We could work together on these two contributions. On a Bootstrapping? Now I have frequency, percentages, and mean on one table. This part, elle montre l'existence d'un seuil à partir duquel une modification qualitative de Abstract: Collections of networks are at the core of modern society, spanning technological, biological and social systems. Look forward to it! We present the main features of a new econophysics B.Sc. Thank you all for your responses. socio-economic percolation and collective behaviour. introduces new percolation inputs into economic theory through notions of dominance and Hi Artemio, I will look at this very soon but I'm a few busy now (my students have just passed their exams). concept provides an answer to the restrictions of classical economic models which Hi ! Ostrom has published recently a book call "Working Together" that I think will be useful to you, in particular 8 and 9 chaperters. l'évolution de certaines grandeurs caractéristiques. Il How to calculate the amount of sodium bicarbonate needed to raise the pH and alkalinity of a body of water to a specific value? Is it still worthwhile to study Euclid's Elements? I have collected a survey data using a 4 point Likert-type scale. La théorie de la percolation permet alors For example, a kind of sickness is difussed in the total system, this sickness precolated in the system, if it keeps localy the sickness isn´t percolated. This talk will give an overview and present a variant of the classic Erdos-Renyi model of network formation (using the power of two choices), showing that we can alter the location and also the nature of the phase transition, making for an explosive onset of connectivity. d'envisager et de comprendre des situations globales nouvelles. Hi Jérémy, I think is very interesting the topic you are studign. course established at the University of Wrocław and organized as a result of cooperation between two university departments: Department of Physics and Department of Economic Sciences. While contagions, both biological and social are fuzzy and rather ambiguous phenomenon, a model that is a potential analogue to it can be derived from the physical process of percolation. dominance et d'intégration de marché. If somebody wants to collaborate with me, I'm opened to propositions! or what does the phase angle physically infer? concepts followed by the more advanced notions and models. Hi, I’m working on my master thesis, and I would like to explain how the random-forest algorithm works.

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