Left polling agents were attacked and hounded out of the booths. 1. Such blatant bias and abject surrender of a substantial chunk of civil and police administration to the political pressures of a ruling party is really unknown; it is indeed a novel phenomenon. Instead of investigations and corrective measures, the attacks have actually intensified. The Left won all the 6 seats. Open threats were being given to Left counting agents, asking them not to enter counting stations. Gram panchayats of Manteswar block/panchayat samiti are: Baghason, Bamunpara, Bhagra-Mulgram, Denur, Jamna, Kusumgram, Majhergram, Mamudpur I, Mamudpur II, Monteswar, Piplon, Putsuri and Susunia. The brutal reality on the voting day however surpassed all apprehensions. Maharashtra Zilla parishad and panchayat samiti Election schedule 2016 2017. In such a situation people will not accept these farces of ‘electoral verdict’. Other mother-tongues spoken in 2001 were: Odiya (0.3%), Punjabi (0.2%), Koda/Kora (0.2%), Telugu (0.1%), Bhojpuri (0.1%), Nepali (0.1%) and Kurukh/ Oraon (0.1%). [11], Other villages in Manteswar CD Block include (2011 census figures in brackets): Piplan (3,708), Mulgram (3,652), Shushuna (3,722), Mamudpur (3,129), Jamna (1,173), Majhergram (3,187), Routhgram (3,506) and Kaigram (1,719). Some candidates were repeatedly attacked during such canvassing, but that couldn’t stop them from participating. Scheduled tribes numbered 8,092. In the Memary-1 region, the nominations were submitted in the presence of thousands of people, but even then several Left workers, including ex-MLAs Tapas Chatterji and Sanat Banerjee, were attacked. Taking cue from this incident, a few thousand Party workers marched towards the Block Office along with aspirant candidates to submit nominations: this time they were attacked by the police and false cases were registered against local leaders like Abed Ali, local committee secretary Jahar Datta and 40 others. [16], In the 2011 census Hindus numbered 136,963 and formed 57.69% of the population in Manteswar CD Block. FARCE OF In the last two years of TMC rule, a number of peoples’ movements have emerged in the Burdwan district, especially those lead by the Kisan Sabha. Similar proportional number of Panchayat Samity and Gram Panchayat seats were also in the realm of possibility. Scheduled Castes numbered 56,862 (23.95%) and Scheduled Tribes numbered 6,958 (2.93%). /Length 2596 There are primary health centres at Dhanyakherur, PO Majhergram (with 10 beds), Moinampur, PO Katsihi (with 6 beds) and Putsuri (with 6 beds). The attacks were kept up till the counting was over. It is also mentioned in Peterson's District Gazetteer of 1910. The document verification has conducted on 25-03-2020. The 73rd Amendment defines the levels of panchayati raj institution as :. @~ (* {d+��}�G�͋љ���ς�}W�L��$�cGD2�Q���Z4 E@�@����� �A(�q`1���D ������`'�u�4�6pt�c�48.��`�R0��)� 44 villages (32.35%) have post offices. Will you take salary cut for it? After 3 p.m. counting agents of Bhatar and Pandabeswar booths were thrown out; by 5 p.m. further expulsions of Left counting agents took place in Kalna-1 and Purbasthali-1. [18], As per poverty estimates obtained from household survey for families living below poverty line in 2005, rural poverty in Manteswar CD Block was 40.45%. All 136 villages (100%) have telephones (including landlines, public call offices and mobile phones). The fish in their ponds are being looted. Who Is The Head Of Panchayat Samiti x���wTS��Ͻ7�P����khRH �H�. Submitting and holding the nominations was a major struggle. [15], See also – List of West Bengal districts ranked by literacy rate, As per census definition, mother-tongue is the language spoken in childhood by the person's mother to the person. I hope you shall provide me some consolation by publishing these horrific experiences”. Our mission is to achieve academic excellence and to build up the future of our students. The whole samiti usually meets atleast six times in one year. The Panchayat Samiti can remove the Chairperson by passing a resolution supporters by the 2/3rd majority. Had the Left been faring badly in the counting, the TMC would have rejoiced and would have no reason to resort to such notorious vote looting. Even women candidates of the Left were not spared. The election to MPTCs is done on a party basis. Maharashtra Municipal council and Nagar panchayat Election schedule 2016 2017. These well planned attacks in villages were not stray, isolated incidents. A government-appointed block development officer (BDO) is the supervisor of the extension officers and executive officer to the panchayat samiti and becomes, in effect, its administrative chief.[5]. %PDF-1.7 In Monteswar block, identity cards were not issued to counting agents till late previous night. However, when canal tax was imposed opposition developed in Memari, Manteswar, Bhatar, the Ausgram community blocks and other irrigated areas. Election Dates: In 4 Phases 27 Nov, 14 Dec, 18 Dec and 08 Jan Read More. After an hour and a half of counting, the Left was leading comfortably in Raina-1, whence 19 Left counting agents and the women candidate were then mercilessly beaten up, once again in the presence of the police and five of them had to hospitalised with serious injuries. 11 villages (8.09%) have banks. Demographics Population Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Will leave White House if Electoral College votes for Biden, says Trump, Chrissy Teigen says she is in a 'grief depression hole' after suffering miscarriage, Australia bat; Mayank Agarwal to open for India, Motorola Moto G 5G India launch on November 30: Specs and expected price, Why All Your Favorite Athletes Are Selling Supplements Now, What is Black Friday? [9], Gram panchayats of Manteswar block/panchayat samiti are: Baghason, Bamunpara, Bhagra-Mulgram, Denur, Jamna, Kusumgram, Majhergram, Mamudpur I, Mamudpur II, Monteswar, Piplon, Putsuri and Susunia. Senior CPI(M) leader and district committee member, Falguni Mukherji, was murdered in open daylight in Mangalkot before the assembly elections. The lady BDO who tried to prevent this vandalism was physically attacked. INCIDENCE OF 1. Panchayat samiti is a rural local government body at the at the intermediate tehsil (taluka/mandal) level in India.It works for the villages of the tehsil that together are called a development block. The attack was most severe in the nine assembly constituencies where the Left won in the 2011 assembly elections. Panchayat Samiti (3) Name of the local self-government rural level. endobj In all such booths the armed central forces were not to be seen and the local police were dumb spectators as per instructions from their superiors, playing no role except to stand and watch. Both the TMC goons as well as the Police had a role in enforcing these withdrawals. The Left in Burdwan will not step back in the face of these attacks; we are already preparing to unleash higher levels of struggle and mass movements. [28], More than 6,000 schools (in erstwhile Bardhaman district) serve cooked midday meal to more than 900,000 students. Tax revenues are often shared between the gram panchayats and the panchayat samiti. [7], Manteswar CD Block has an area of 305.19 km2.

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