Hospital Playlist 2. @wallflowersforjane Wow! When they laughed together, we cheered. Gyeol-hee Jang es un jugador de fútbol de 22 años de Corea del Sur, (* 04/04/1998 en Seoul, Corea del Sur). We’re expecting wedding & babies . I don’t think she expected him to accept her confession.”. En “Hospital Playlist” de tvN, Shin Hyun Bin interpretó a la residente Jang Gyeo Ul, que estaba enamorada de Ahn Jeong Won, el personaje de Yoo Yeon Seok. Oho, don’t think we actually need a captain for this ship cos it’s on auto-pilot mode  , And then the last thirteen minutes of Episode 12 happened, and all around the world, Wintergarden fans squealed in delight as Jeong-won finally revealed the depth of his feelings for Gyeo-ul. Two seasons will  need some plot . “It’s good – that you’re dating someone,” he told her. Jang, quien al margen de Messi, como todos los niños de La Masia, alucina con las acciones de Iniesta, es un '11' puro. Thank you! I am sure we still have them quite regularly as we re-watch the scenes, the series or just wonder what S2 will bring for Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul. Recommended Posts. Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season Two 3. Lol ! Shrine-building is tough! So far my top 2020 K-Dramas are 1. Shin Hyun Bin’s co-stars were also excited about the development between the characters. Posted August 25 (edited) Hi @sillyvvn_yo89, and so wonderful to see @lifeisfullofdrama and @kiklaminho again! estelle-sim. Eeeee! "Love is not an affectionate feeling but a steady wish for the loved person's good as far as it can be obtained." Cuando se le pidió que eligiera la. I think that was one of the things that viewers kept bringing up  . You shall be Captain Emeritus of the Wintergarden Ship. -- CS Lewis. But they should know better then to break them up knowing that the WG fandom is huge ! A friendly asylum for drama addicts, and everyone else who needs a bit of respite and good company. Juega en la posición Extremo izquierdo. Su … Jang Gyeo-ul (Winter) x Ahn Jeong-won (Garden) Played by Shin Hyun-been and Yoo Yeon-seok For the 12 long episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 1, Wintergarden Detectives examined, analysed, speculated, hoped and prayed for the coming together of paediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong-won and third-year general surgery resident Jang Gyeo-ul. When Gyeo-ul said she liked everything about Jeong-won, we were surprised. , Hi there.. thanks for the welcome @wallflowersforjane. “My relationship with Yoo Yeon Seok progressed extremely slowly throughout the drama, so that kind of ending drew a lot of attention,” she remarked. When Jeong-won slid the cream cakes over to her, our eyes widened. Following the end of the first season of tvN’s “Hospital Playlist,” actress Shin Hyun Bin sat down for an interview to talk about her romance with Yoo Yeon Seok and share some interesting anecdotes from the filming. “I’m glad you’re seeing someone, Jang Gyeo-ul.” She felt a lump in her throat right then. It's easy! Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. yulje's ghostie (@chaesonghwamnda) Tweeted:  I am thinking of thread title this week and how to beautify it! Hello @40somethingahjumma @akikisetsu @Doesntmatter @Wintergardener, welcome! “By the way,” he said. Thank you! #hospital playlist #netflix #kdrama #jang gyeo ul #ahn jeong won #shin hyun bin #yoo yeon seok #wintergarden. Yeah this ship will continue to S2 and beyond . That it was not clear how he felt & that everything that led up to the kiss was sudden . When Jeong-won sang Confessions Is Not Flashy, we melted into a puddle. Gyeo-ul was using too much medical jargon. I think if they wanted to include the virus pandemic in the story (to make it more grounded in reality) there won't be much of a time skip. Woot woot @wallflowersforjane the first post !!!! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. serie-bladdict. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. I can't stop thinking about Hospital Playlist so I wrote some things. He managed a smile. At the first sight, they both fell for each other. Tale of the Nine Tailed /  Private Lives/ Start-Up/ Kairos/ The Spies Who Loved Me/ Something Just Like This. It would have been a suitable explanation had Gyeo-ul been talking to a professor, but it was no good to the child’s mother. When Gyeo-ul was rejected, our hearts broke with her. “I think the viewers showed a lot of interest in us because we showed everyone that we were ready to head in the same direction together.”, Shin Hyun Bin confessed that she had no idea the drama would end with her kiss scene. “I never had an issue with eating. “They said things like, ‘It’s finally working out between you two,” she recalled. CLOY 4. Yay, thank you for the vids! “Sandwiches were kind of hard to eat,” she confessed. Don't hesitate to promote your own as well. Hope to see our wintergarden couple being cuteeee and adorable in season 2. The final episode of season one ended on an exhilarating note when Jang Gyeo Ul confessed her feelings to Ahn Jeong Won and he leaned in to kiss her. It's where your interests connect you with your people. I was really grateful to him.”, Shin Hyun Bin’s character was also known for her huge appetite, and the scenes of her eating were said to have caused late-night food cravings among viewers. Should I start worry that our ship is the first to ship when we have 2 more seasons to go? Lovely Title you create there!! @wallflowersforjane I have transferred trade ownership to you ... Eep! Please feel free to start posting any WG thoughts, analysis, fan-art, fan-fics you encounter. @Wintergardener @akikisetsu @40somethingahjumma woot woot ....welcome aboard !!

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