All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. "Carl Johnson: "Yeah, thanks. I got some beer. / "Ok punk, have it your way" / "Hi there. "Kendl Johnson: "Just fine, CJ. I'll see you later. "Cesar Vialpando: "You wanna see my garage? / "Oh, man. High Stakes, Low Rider What's the matter with this city? / "Hey, this is police property!" ". Your Impounded Car Damn! There you go, pal." But I pay the bribe anyways, but yeah, my other way cuts down cost and effort, I have an even better idea: Go near the lot, make sure your friend's car ain't impounded, and bring the friend nearby. Your sister say we should hang out, get to know each other. "Carl Johnson: I didn't even hear them! There's some beers up on the bench right there. Impounded vehicles are found down here, but it's a hive of cop activity. "Carl Johnson: "So, eerr, how are you and my sister doing? To do so, simply walk up to the gates of the impound and a prompt will appear on your screen, like so: You can also choose to break into the impound lot and steal your car back. Lose the heat! "Cesar Vialpando: "Hey, Holmes! "Cesar Vialpando: "Eehh, I guess I am, holmes. The cops are on to you. Fuck! Be back in a bit, baby..."(On the way to impound)Cesar Vialpando: "The Los Santos police precinct is in Pershing Square in Commerce. The player is then directed to find a low-rider and bring it to Cesar's house. Order the friend to steal the car - No wanted level and you can take the car normally, you can call your asistant to retrieve it for 1000$. We got this thing going since we were kids. Type Get to the impound and retrieve your car. "Cesar Vialpando: "Yeah I know, but if your prize car is missing when you come back to it,"Cesar Vialpando: "It's probably been towed. Unlocked by "(When arriving at the Impound)Cesar Vialpando: "This is it, CJ! "Carl Johnson: "Yeah, I know Pershing Square. "(When trying to get inside the impound/Inside the impound)Cop: "Hey, this is police property!" What are they, the secret car-towing service? You still need to get in there and hop in your car at least and then get back out. The song that plays at the beginning of the mission is ". Getting in, however, is not so simple, as most of the exterior is enclosed with special fencing that cannot be knocked down or climbed over. "Carl Johnson: Oh shit, it's been towed! "(End of phone call)(Mission intro)Carl Johnson: "Que pasa, Cesar! You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Kendl then shows up and the three of them talk, until Cesar suggests that he fix his car. Kendl then shows up and the three of them talk, until Cesar suggests that he fix his car. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. / "Hold on. "Cesar Vialpando: "That's OK, ese. The entrance, shown below, can be accessed by driving out of the impound gate that faces roughly south, making a right turn and then another at the end of the block. Also home to the city's impounded vehicles. Time of day "Carl Johnson: "Ooh shit, Cesar, sorry man. Get your car and take it back to Cesar's place. This method is the fastest and is good if you're in a hurry or simply couldn't be bothered to go down and pick it up. To do so, simply walk up to the gates of the impound and a prompt will appear on your screen, like so: Paying the fee will avoid any wanted levels and lets you simply drive it out … Since the car is still in the impound lot the cops won't impound it as it won't move locations is why this method works. "Cesar Vialpando: "Don't worry, holmes. Damn! Car Impounded? "Kendl Johnson: "Yeah, I guess it does..."Cesar Vialpando: "So, CJ, let's see your wheels. For Grand Theft Auto Online on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to get vehicles out of storage?

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