I was going to say, I would think China would lead the pack on giving cash for medals. How much do the coaches get paid? Their life is just starting and they have a lot of things ahead of them that they must learn to overcome. Remember, though: only a handful of Olympians each year will reach the level of fame required to make that much money off of endorsements. Actually (per cnn) According to Business Insider, Olympians don't get paid simply for participating in the games by anyone associated with the Olympics. Best Travel Credit Cards with 100,000+ Bonus Points, Some of the Highest-Paid Olympic Athletes. Our newest visualization reveals how the world’s 25 highest-paid athletes actually make their money. We also haven’t factored in how much US Olympians will end up receiving in royalties (corporate sponsors, magazines, appearances, etc.) Because of their efforts the country is getting great recognition. All rights reserved. The toll they put on their bodies to get where they are is unreal and deserves to be rewarded. thats cuz millions watch them – as in they are a product that is worth billions. Many countries reward medalists with bonus money. China, not only gives them a large cahs prize (1 million RMB), but also buy them a nice house and covers most living expenses for the rest of their life. Due to the training and expenses they endure, they probably wont pay any taxes due to write-offs. However, all credit card information is presented without warranty. They can afford to bump a little off for the prize cash. 1 Russian ruble = 0.033409 U.S. dollars. Olympic Medal Money: How Much do Athletes Get? We make every effort to maintain accurate information. We’re forgetting that instead of earning a living or studying they’re training and competing. and to anybody talking smack about pro athletes making so much money, its because the length of their career, the revenue they bring in to each team and city and risk for injury which could end the athletes career and possibly end their life. Of course if you compete during high school, colleges will be knocking on your door to play for them, and you go to school for free. (and that’s not only for the money for the medals, but also the hotels, flight, food etc…). Douglas has been training for two years in Iowa and hasn’t been home to Virginia Beach since then.”, Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/08/05/gymnast-gabby-douglas-mom-filed-for-bankruptcy/#ixzz22ilOSSrB. Many use their own money or family supports them financially, some even mortgage their house. I don’t think spelling matters here i know u gotta the msg. Don’t feel too bad for the athletes. I thought china made all there athletes go for free just to entertained the ppl of their nation isn’t that what communism is lol. I have to say what a joke to some of these comments about ppl trying to say Olympians are overpaid. He will easily be able to charge over $100+/ hr to train. How to Find Bills Worth More Than Face Value, See Why I Love These 8 Money Quotes (and I hope you will too! A gold for one is a gold for all. Why is most of these comments against a talented,dedicated and hard working person making any money? The Philippines is paying $220,000 for a gold…of course, no one from their country has ever won a gold, but still , Hey dude, you are wrong! I am disgusted by this fact especially when i hear that the NASA robot “Curiousity” cost BILLIONS,i dont get it because do we really need to know certain aspects of space like say whether Jupiter has water or planets have other life forms. Every other country in the world is proud of their Olympians yet America isn’t. Also, they are receiving those checks for a reason, and don’t hate the player, hate the game. Since you win every race, pick up a book while you wait on your sorry ass competition to catch up. But hey….if money is involved…someone is getting F’d over! If the Ms Universe were part of the Olympic, that would get the most medal including gold. Get a crew to film reality show in Iraq, and people in USA will go crazy watching How Olympic Athletes Make a Living We all know that famous professional athletes can make a great deal of money – sometimes more, even if they’re retired. Many of the over 500 US Olympians have to find other ways to make ends meet. Most of the Olympic athletes have normal jobs just so they can provide for themselves and travel to different countries to compete because they don’t get financial support unless they’re sponsored by someone thats kind enough to help, Belarus pays even more then Russian $150K for gold (http://goo.gl/cnqNe see the botton of the page). Olympians deserve every freaking penny. Not bad, you will come back filthy rich.. They do it because of a desire to be the best in their sport, to fulfill a goal, or to improve their position in life. You dont get the big picture that only the sports that sponsors like Nike believe they can profit from are the sports that some (not every single person) who win a medal will be able to make a decent living. Chuck is a fuking moron, that’s like saying Lebron or either Manning or any pro-athlete who also has their travel, food, hotel, training, etc for their competitions so to speak paid for, on top of getting massive salaries should just do commercials and endorsements for free. Yah u are right the shouldn’t fight wars that are costing us tax money, we sick of it. That’s not strictly true, because it seems to say that all Olympic athletes make that money. White reportedly earns $10 million a year. Opinions are the author's alone, and this content has not been provided by, reviewed, approved or endorsed by any advertiser. so why should these athletes get paid anymore than what they do get paid?i understand they are good at what they do,but for that matter so am i.so why should they get paid?all professional athletes are overpaid…WAY overpaid.because of what athletes amke the average person can not even afford to go to a professional sporting event.i think they get paid plenty for winning medals and plenty from sponsorship. It’s a huge honor there. Most Olympians earn nothing for Olympic competition. Please consult with a licensed financial or tax advisor before making any decisions based on the information you see here. This country could and should do a much better job of making sure that all the athletes can train without worrying how they’re going to live. I do BMX racing, and although it’s the 2nd most dangerous Olympic sport and you still don’t get paid a lot. I think that the fact that Olympians don’t get paid is probably a good thing. Due to the fact that Olympians don’t make scratch for cash it really held me back from ever following that dream. You could have easily gotten a full ride scholarship in NCAA Division I and competed at the Olympics if you met the qualifying standard. Thanks for your time and hope this opens your eyes. Yours was the most well-written article I found. You’re one to talk… Many people here are in support of athletes getting paid during training/competition. New rules approved last year from USA Track & Field, the sport's national governing body, set aside $10,000 for any athlete that makes a World Championship or Olympic roster. Most of these guys seem like they do it for the LOVE of the sport and competition. what about Saudi Arabia ? You might not believe me but when I was in high school I was fast enough to qualify for the Olympics. Medal bonuses are the most common way Olympians see money from their sport of choice, for starters: The national Olympic committees from some countries offer monetary prizes for placing first, second, or third. How is that our fault? It was also nice to learn the Phelps gets $1MM for breaking the record.. no wonder he swims so many races. If our country is paying for them to get there and paying for there food etc, then if they make millions afterwards from sponsorships, they should pay it back!!! The type of person that becomes an Olympian is probably the type of disciplined, intelligent, and organized person that is capable of doing more with their life after the sport career ends. I guarantee you, then, you will make $200,000 for every episode; maybe 1 week of filming for one episode. I think getting money would get them pumped up to win but that would put them under alot of pressure so then they might loose. Doctors and pharmacists are up to their eyeballs in student loans…..but no one pays them more… Some make $80k a year. General Disclaimer: See the online credit card application for details about terms and conditions. They will work forever before they will be debt free I think families that send their children to private lessons and trainers already have the money to begin with…, I do not understand why people like yourself complain about how much athletes make. $600 thousands of random money gifts from the government and other businessmen plus a land “real estate” that’s worth approx.

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