One significant... Lenovo is gearing up to bring in some new laptops for the ThinkBook and ThinkPad lineup. It's an emotional finale, a two-hour odyssey that exudes a multitude of sensations: terror, exhilaration, bewilderment, catharsis. will help you with any book or any question. Fans are eager to know what does the cliff-hanger ending to season 1 of Hospital Playlist mean for their favourite characters? He watches his life unfold as a series of blurring projections, a tunnel of light and imagery. 'Hospital Playlist' Season 1 Ending Explained: Questions about Ik-jun and Seok-hyeon remain after cliffhanger. True to the USA Network thriller's form, the answer is a complicated one — but in one of the final scenes of the finale, Rami Malek's troubled computer hacker does his best to articulate the answer: "I'm not Elliot. At this rate, will he even tell Ik-jun the truth or would he wait until Ik-sun returns to break the news? Please don't send him back to jail! Elliot is odd. Two weeks later, Cory escapes the house with his football gear first thing in the morning without doing his chores. eventAction: 'render' "I said to Sam after we read through all of [the scripts], and then I finally heard [the finale], I think he's managed to do the journey of the hero, and not the Joseph Campbell one, but literally Homer," Cristofer previously told THR. ga('ads.send', { }); let gads_event; Already a member? However, just when it is about to get awkward, Ik-jun tells her that she can think it over and give him the answer when he returns from Spain. He had told his friends that he had decided to stay a doctor against his dead father's wishes to run their conglomerate. hitType: 'event', Troy is now in his fifties and unhappily works as a garbage collector. He has already revealed that he is remaining a doctor against his deceased father’s wishes and rejected Min-ah’s confession of love. document.querySelector("#ads").addEventListener('click',function(){ He tells Cory this is his first "strike." "I … eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), The movie ends with Sam and Patrick visiting Charlie and taking him to their favorite restaurant. Based on the 1999 young adult novel of the same name, The Perks of Being a Wallflower follows teenager Charlie (Logan Lerman) through his freshman year of high school and touches on serious subject matter like sexual abuse, depression, anxiety and bullying. Troy and Bono return to tell Rose that Troy's petition has been successful: he will now be a truck driver. But if I chicken out again and not tell her, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. In fact, the only character that answered the questions that fans have raised over the season is Jeong-won. Much like the titular Mr. }) I think you'll know when you see these last few episodes, whether I'm right or not. You loved him so much, you wanted to save the entire world, so you could make it better for him, no matter the cost. ", Elliot resists the information, insisting that Krista has been wrong in the past. And of course, that's the journey. There is also the matter of Jun-wan and Ik-sun, a relationship that Ik-jun as unaware of (as far as we know). "It's Ulysses in The Odyssey. The fact that there's such a huge fan base out there that related to his character moved me. so, believe me when i say it’s a must watch because it truly is. He has spent weeks, months or perhaps years coming to terms with his feelings, but what is Song-hwas reaction? All rights reserved. It's certainly a complex ending, one that's bound to lead to several questions, including whether or not the events of the series actually took place. It's only then that Elliot openly acknowledges that while the world may be real, he himself is not real — at least, not his whole self. For now, it doesn't seem as if Ik-jun is aware of their relationship and Jun-wan had even tried to tell him the truth but surgeries among other things kept coming in the way. #hospitalplaylist California Privacy Rights | Hospital Playlist episode 12 took viewers through several painful moments and the introduction of a new onscreen couple. ", • "What's going to happen to 'the real Elliot' after he wakes up? If I tell her how I feel, things might get a little awkward. hitType: 'event', Robot mastermind (a loaded term, given the finale's reveal) has opted not to do press for the two-part episode (titled "whoami" and "Hello, Elliot," respectively, according to USA reps), instead choosing to allow the finale to speak for itself. Robot as a series, both on his audience and on himself. Charlie's final and most serious breakdown comes towards the end of the school year. Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings, By the end, 'Hospital Playlist' Season 1 has only portrayed how Jeong-won's life has shaped up after choosing to stay back as a doctor, but his friends' lives have still not seen clarity. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), He tells his son that Cory must get his job back at the A&P and that he will not sign the college recruiter's form. media-tech companies with hubs around the world. Log in here. However, it is at the end of the episode that we see Seok-hyeon receive a phone call from someone called Yoo Sin-hye. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this Fences study guide. IndieWire is an online publication covering film, TV, and digital news, reviews, and interviews for passionate fans and industry insiders. Stay with us while we explain the ending. Now there is nothing complicated about this, because you can use the 1xBet mobile... Who is the new age game-changer in adventure tourism? Lyons arrives to return his borrowed ten dollars and asks about Cory; Troy explains that he will not sign the recruiter's form, as he has checked with the A&P and found that Cory is still not working there. The character on his T-shirt is Go Kildong while Dosan’s T-shirt had Dooly the baby dinosaur. They come to a head and culminate when Charlie blacks out during a fight against the school’s jocks, while defending his friend Patrick (Ezra Miller) against them. Who is Uju's "girlfriend" and what does she look like? Today, the company expanded its ThinkBook laptop series with... NASA has new shocking news! 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