The Greenville County Sheriff's Office announced new information Tuesday in a cold case murder investigation dating back five years. They also oversee the public service workers in their clean-up activities, as well as assisting Vice and Narcotics with the clean-up of Methamphetamine manufacturing sites which are considered hazardous materials sites. Hover over the above bubbles to pause. They continue to work more highly complex cases involving multiple defendants with more emphasis placed on investigating and dismantling entire organizations. Greenville County was part of the Ninety Six District and was serviced by the Sheriff of that District. This Division is compiled of 14 different units which are: Arson, Auto Theft, Cold Case, Crimes Against Children, Data Recovery, Economic Crimes, Family Violence, Homicide, Missing Persons, Juvenile Crimes, Robbery, Sex Crimes, Sex Offender Registry, and Victim/Witness Advocates. The people of South Carolina, however, felt that this important position should answer directly to them for his actions and performance. The team members are from law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical personnel. The Warrants Unit is responsible for the receipt, entry, service and return of arrest warrants within Greenville County. The purpose and mission of the Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) This unit is staffed with three full-time investigators. Our local chapter was modeled after the original Crime Stoppers program from 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This group of 16 deputies focuses their efforts on reducing the number traffic related fatalities and its largest contributing factor which is Driving Under the Influence. team is to handle high-risk operations in a manner that reduces the chance of violence, injury, or death. They train a minimum of 230 hours yearly in addition to specialized schools that they may attend. The Youth Services Unit investigates crimes involving the arrest of juveniles, as well as child neglect or abuse cases. Safe Communities is dedicated to communicating our Public Safety Mission to the community while responding to the safety concerns of our citizens. The Traffic Unit is a participating member of multi-jurisdictional task forces. The Sex Offender Registry maintains current contact and location information on all convicted Sex Offenders within Greenville County, including the municipalities. They serve on a variety of committees or coalitions. Saber 3 participated in 4 Emergency Response Team trainings. Although the sheriff said the relationship was consensual, he settled the claim for an undisclosed sum. They also assist in the search for lost or missing individuals. The role of Emergency Management is to coordinate resources and efforts to prepare for the response to large scale emergencies and disasters. Their mission is the personal well being of all who serve. Their primary mission is to resolve problems in those areas. Saber 2 conducted photo surveillance flights and transported prisoners from Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida back to Greenville County. The COBRA Team can accomplish this mission in collaboration with the support of other entities such as local, state and federal resources. Thanks to a grant program this unit is well equipped with the latest technology and tools. Law Enforcement Aviation is a unique tool that can provide a bird's eye view during searches, crime scene photography and general patrol. The Office of Sheriff in Greenville County began. An SRO's responsibilities include; law enforcement, teaching law related classes, counseling students, and educating parents and staff. 4 McGee St. Greenville, SC 29601. These papers include Orders of Protection, Orders of Immediate Possession, Writ of Assistance, Decree of Foreclosure and Sales, and Property Levees. This unit is staffed with four full-time investigators. Applying a "team" approach, our courthouses have become statewide models. These investigators tie cases together for graduated sentences during prosecution in court. These arrests have led to the recovery of more than one million dollars of stolen goods.

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