Designed for alpine big wall climbing. First Lady Melania Trump, wearing a $650 Calvin Klein dress and pink Louboutin heels, caught the eyes of two French soldiers after landing in Biarritz, France for the 2019 G7 summit G7 Entrance Grids: PediTred® SA (G7) is an architectural entrance grid ideal for high-traffic areas. You can read more about the world leaders' summit here.. G7 - Grade VII Climbing Equipment is raising funds for G7 HAND JAM on Kickstarter! Our live coverage of the G7 summit in France and President Trump's news conference has ended. G7 in Biarritz: First day takeaways. On Saturday, world leaders gathered in Biarritz, France, for this year's tense G7 summit. If I start in Spain I will most likely be tempted to walk the Camino de Santiago, so it will be from the South up to the North-West, then back East to France (possibly going backwards along the Northern coast - also a Camino route). Last year, Australia, Spain, and India were invited to attend the G7 meeting in France. French president and G7 summit host Emmanuel Macron's threat to ditch a trade deal over the fires in Brazil met with immediate resistance from fellow EU member states, including Germany and the UK.

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