I am interested in floyd rose original vs floyd special. Bare Knuckle For the most part, a good understanding of the product’s operation will make all the difference. JB Tech Tip, Fractal Audio MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller, Floyd Rose Hollow Point Intonation System, Seymour Duncan Antiquity Surfer Strat Set, Flattening The Hills: Fixing A Fretboard, pt 3, Mojotone British Style 4×12 Straight Speaker Cabinet, Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash Humbucker Set, Mojotone Lee Dickson Brown-E Strat Pickup Set. And I don't think theevh d tuna works with recessed rout. Singlecoil Speaker It maintains most of the quality and craftsmanship present in the original Floyd Rose tremolo, and at a much lesser price. Order online or call us at (732) 919-6200 | support@floydrose.com, Free shipping on All Orders over $100! Steve Vai Meh, not so much. "Quiet, numbskulls, I'm broadcasting!" The Special and 1000 Series will not have a stamp, but can be identified by the logo on top of the system. -Moe Howard, "Micro-Phonies" (1945), © 2020 JCF online - A Jackson Guitars and Charvel Guitars Community. Again, the Original uses steel, while the Special uses a cheaper zinc alloy, which is also evident in the price. I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling. Jimmy Page The Special Series. 2 7/8 does not equal 2.91.....the measurement for an OFR. The 1984 comes with a brass sustain block, brass fine tuners, wood mounting posts, and ‘old style’ tremolo arm. Thank Doug. Alnico 5 Floyd Rose Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube, 59 I have 2 of these and I put them up there with the quality of the Floyds I’ve had since the 80s. Floyd Rose Special vs Original: Durability As mentioned, both tremolo systems use the same steel baseplate and the knife edges are made of hardened steel. The Non-Fine Tuner System. P-90 Personally, every guitar that I own has or has had a version of a Floyd – see what I did there! Brown Sound Many people are unaware of the difference between a licensed system and a genuine Floyd Rose tremolo. Seymour Duncan Stay up to date on new products, sales, and all things Floyd Rose. If the places offering stainless steel want to source much stronger parts and publish the specs, I’ll consider giving it another go. LOL! I also know an artist that left an endorsement over not being able to get a real Floyd on his guitars. The Jackson Custom Shop form lists these varieties of Floyd Rose bridges to choose from: Floyd Rose Pro - $180 Floyd Rose - $120 Original Floyd Rose - $120 Floyd II - $120 I think I have also heard of a Lo Pro or Low Profile Floyd Rose (but maybe I'm thinking of the Ibanez copy). There are versions for right-handed and left-handed players. If you are going full-time Dime or Vai on your rig, tread cautiously. If you were looking at the special because it's a little cheaper, I'd get one of these. Floyd Rose Re: Floyd rose original vs special. The Korean-made 1000 Series is suggested as the equivalent of the ‘Original’ German Floyd Rose. His iconic Floyd Rose ‘Original’ tremolo, which has remained largely unchanged, features the legendary double-locking design. Only mentioned the studs being zinc. Saddles and sustain block are “zinc alloy”. I know they materials differ slightly. Nut Satriani If you’re going to put a brass block on it, just go with the 1984. Let’s take a look at some of the more well known options out there. haha! Brandonwound My favorite? Schaller For more than 40 years, the company has made different models and varieties of the tremolo system, including the Original, Floyd Rose II, Pro, Special, 1000 Series, Deluxe and the licensed models. DiMarzio I am not using recessed. When it comes to the ‘Original’ lineup, the only thing that I prefer more would be the 1984 model. Those Korean Floyd Rose trems also use cheap zinc alloy sustain block due to which they have substantially lesser sustain than made in Germany Original … Technically not a Floyd Rose, or is it? Gibson After experimenting with different metals, including brass (which wore down too quickly), Rose settled on hardened steel to form the two main components of the system. And then Charvel simply made their own version. The spacing seems off. Satch The Floyd Rose can also be at the source of deeply heated opinions. His iconic Floyd Rose ‘Original’ tremolo, which has remained largely unchanged, features the legendary double-locking design. There are different versions. Celestion Alnico 4 Ceramic It is the flagship for a reason. These are also manufactured in South Korea, but with Floyd Rose strict quality control which ensures consistent build quality. Floyd Rose is a division of AP International. The licensed systems will normally bear the phrase "Licensed by Floyd Rose Patents". It’ll come out costing about the same and the ‘old style’ arm is worth it. No other locking tremolo system is as recognized as the Floyd Rose. Kids these days! The 1000 Series. All times are GMT-6. This is the classic German-made rig. More recently, I suggested it to Abasi Guitars, when asked for an option for their 6-string model. And after about 40 years, the Floyd Rose brand is so well-known that it’s the default designation for most any brand of double-locking tremolo.

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