Love travel suspension, crash protection, and gobs of power: what’s not to love? This service is provided by Disqus and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use. By clicking below you agree to receive news, promotions and offers by email from Top Gear and BBC Studios. The profits we make from it go back to BBC programme-makers to help fund great new BBC programmes. Price: $256,000. For starters, there’s the environmental factor and the fact that they’re almost always significantly cheaper to fuel than gas-powered rides, especially when going to the track and using race fuel compared to vehicles of the proton-powered variety. Electric supercars are damn-near silent, eliminating this issue entirely. Kicked along by an EV powertrain comprised of a Phi-Power dual-core motor married to an 800V Webasto battery — boasting double the output of Tesla’s Model S — the 900HP Mustang was designed to be a true driver’s car, fitted with RECARO race seats, Brembo six-piston brakes, 20” Forgeline rims, Super 8.8 Torsen differential, track handling, pack, carbon fiber side skirts and lip, and a fully-operational six-speed manual transmission. Mercedes GLA 250e review: a successful hybrid crossover? Looking not unlike a Koenigsegg – the styling is exciting, if a bit uninventive – it has similarly scintillating numbers on its spec sheet. Torque: 718FT-LBS Paddy McGuinness 'cheats death' after losing control and crashing his £250k Lamborghini supercar while filming Top Gear. Nope, not for your phone signal, but in corners. A 120-kWh battery pack affords a generous 350-mile range, all while still being capable of clocking lightning-fast sub-two-second 0-60mph times. Torque: 773.5FT-LBS The Karma SC2 is a cutting-edge prototype electric supercar that packs a whopping 1,100hp and a mind-blowing 10,500ft-lbs of torque. Speaking of race tracks, there are numerous iconic circuits in the US like Laguna Seca that are being threatened by the surrounding community due to the noise levels produced by racing and track-days. Horsepower: 590HP The Tesla S is a beast. Over the course of the last decade, electric powertrain vehicles have gone from environmentally-focused novelties to increasingly ubiquitous machines being offered across pretty much every automotive and motorsport sector. Sorry…. If you’re not so concerned with electric powertrains, but you do still want a powerful performance vehicle at a reasonable price point, we’ve rounded up fifteen of the best supercars under $50,000 for your driving pleasure. Torque: 1,696FT-LBS And though the vehicle is only in the prototype phase, with Ford’s plans of ushering in an increasingly electrified automotive lineup, this entry very well may see the light of production in the coming years, albeit probably in a more practical, commuter-friendly package. Price: $103,800+. Top Speed: 155MPH (Limited) That’s quite some G-force to contend with. Torque: 1,475FT-LBS Top Speed: 258MPH Horsepower: 522HP+ Price: $3,196,400. The $3.42M Les Legendes Du Ciel will be limited to only 20 units. Yes, Ariel. A 120-kWh battery pack affords a generous 350-mile range, all while still being capable of clocking lightning-fast sub-two-second 0-60mph times. And with new models popping up on a monthly basis and the number of available options constantly ballooning, we thought we’d take the time out to unpack these pinnacles of proton-powered performance, and round up the 20 best electric supercars. Horsepower: 1,180HP It’s also the fastest EV around the Nürburgring, with a 7m05s lap time. The AWD four-wheeled rocket‘s 42kWh battery is married to a quad 295hp motor arrangement that gives the P40 the ability to clock 0-100mph runs in just 3.8-seconds. While battery weight largely remains a kink that needs ironing out, electric supercars boast a number of advantages over vehicles driven by traditional fuel-combusting power plants. Price: $455,000. Every time a quick electric car launches, it’s deemed a Tesla rival. Watch Chris Harris in the electric VW ID.R waste a McLaren 720S ... the other is a road-legal supercar available for purchase. While still emerging, the electric sports cars category is starting to turn out some gems. Priced at over $2,000,000 a pop and limited to only 130 specimens worldwide, the Evija was touted by Lotus as being the first-ever fully-electric British hypercar. Based on the pedigree and performance of its existing cars, you can expect Aston Martin’s inaugural e-supercar to be impressive, but with help from the crack team at Williams Advanced Engineering, you can expect the world. ©2020 Hiconsumption LLC. Learn more. While filming the second season of the Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour in Switzerland earlier today, ex-Top Gear host Richard Hammond crashed a $1 million Rimac Concept_One all-electric supercar. The sporty yet plush cockpit boasts the latest and greatest in high tech displays and instrumentation, while outside the E-Tron has a sleek and futuristic design that’s still readily identifiable as being part of the iconic Audi family. HiConsumption is reader-supported. Upon its release, Mercedes-Benz’ SLS AMG Electric Supercar was introduced as being the world’s first fully-electric supercar offering. The gadget-laden roller also gets a triple hi-def camera mounted under the windshield — which is electro-chromatic — and FMCW Lidar sensors that capture 360-degree video that can be played back via an adaptive laser projector, turning the supercar into a state-of-the-art racing sim. Price: $750,000 + Corvette Grand Sport Donor ($65,900). Top Speed: 249MPH GT63 S 4-Door review: living with AMG’s RM1.8m flagship for a week . Two sets of 240hp motors powering the front and rear axles propel the animal-monikered machine to sub-four-second 0-60mph times while its 90kWh battery pack affords a 280-mile range on a single charge. This is Aston Martin’s very first all-electric, full production car, housed in the rather delightful form of the Rapide. Torque: 1,475FT-LBS Not least by us. Price: N/A. A culmination of more than a century of research and development is increasingly being bested by technology that has largely emerged since the turn of the millennium, if not more recently. Please read Top Gear’s code of conduct (link below) before posting. The Karma SC2 is a cutting-edge prototype electric supercar that packs a whopping 1,100hp and a mind-blowing 10,500ft-lbs of torque. Oops, mentioned Tesla. Offering a 400-mile range thanks to a large 120kWh cell, the vehicle is also bestowed with high tech Level 4 AI capabilities and that unmistakably exotic, low-profile supercar design. Horsepower: 1,006HP All rights reserved. The electronic nature of an electric powertrain also allows for some interesting and unique options such as the different “Mario Kart-style” modes and boosts available in Formula E. Though the British firm has carved out an impressive reputation for producing lightweight track-day toys, Ariel buckled down and proved it meant business when it unveiled the P40 over the summer of 2017. With a carbon-fiber monocoque frame, 1,973hp on tap, and a weight of just north of 37,00lbs, this 200mph+ hypercar offers world-class performance will still affording an exceedingly reasonable 250-mile range. Torque: 10,500FT-LBS (Claimed) Torque: 1,245FT-LBS Torque: 1,092FT-LBS It is heating up. A $1.25M fully-electric grand tourer born out of Silicon Valley — and supposedly the world’s most powerful GT model at the time of its release — this quad-motor-driven vehicle takes a much more sensible approach when it comes to daily drivability and family-hauling duties, while its 1,200hp powertrain still enables it to break well into the 200mph range. Torque: 1,000FT-LBS So it begins. We suspect that wasn’t a difficult record to claim. Horsepower: 1,800HP Horsepower: N/A Top Speed: 206MPH The thing also boasts a state-of-the-art instrumentation setup that displays cornering forces and performance figures, and a sleek yet understated bodywork design that wouldn’t look too out of place on the street. Logos © 1996. ... made the most of the empty resort and filmed an electric car race. Top Speed: 155MPH+ Elon Musk and Tesla made headlines when they unveiled the latest version of the American-made Tesla Roadster. Starting with a new Corvette Grand Sport — that then receives another $750K in an EV powertrain and other various performance upgrades that enable it to go generate an enormous 700hp and 650-ft-lbs of torque. The enormous strides made in the segment have unlocked previously unachievable performance and torque figures in the gas-powered realm, and for the first time in history, electric powertrains are outperforming their fossil-fuel-powered counterparts. This Japanese-made supercar is built around a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis that’s adorned in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer bodywork.

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