oreonastes AGM, Rhododendron irroratum 'Polka Dot' BH2511, Rhododendron arboreum cinnamomeum 'Everest Reunion', Rhododendron degronianum heptamerum 'Oki Koki', Rhododendron recurvoides (King & Paton form), Rhododendron suoilenhense (seedlings from CWT 6498), Rhododendron yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada' AGM. Evergreen. Rhododendron ‘Unique’ Pale yellow flowers tinged peach in round trusses, April to May. This selection has interesting long recurved leaves and dense fawn indumentum on the underside and lovely wooly young shoots. Please do not send your credit card information via email. They also provide the collector with the opportunity to grow those desirable species that are not readily produced through asexual propagation. Venture Out Nursery, Langley The leaves have a distinctive white woolly covering on top (tomentum) with stunning brilliant orange indumentum on the underside. It is based on a sketch by Joseph Dalton Hooker whilst in the Himalayas and published in his landmark book,... (THOMSONIA H5) Long lasting cream bell shaped flowers in May-June. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO VISIT – NO NEED TO WAIT FOR AN OPEN GARDEN DAY. P.O. This thick soft felt graces the newly sprouting leaves, the undersides and the shoots throughout the year. A new selection of R. taliense, 'Woolly Dane' has dense woolly felted indumentum in a cognac colour. Scaly grey-green leaves, evergreen. Height 80-100 cm in 10 years. My Garden Nursery, Bellingham We’re happy to discuss the rhodies or your rhody questions, but from a respectful 6 feet or via texts with pictures even though you are here. Spread 0.9 metres. Height 125-150cm in 10 years. Height 1.5 metres. Spread about 0.3 metres. All rights reserved. We will drop them at a private home’s driveway near Magnuson Park. Dense compact foliage shrub, with bristly stems, and thick woolly indumentum on leaves. This is one of the species most prized by Rhododendron collectors, due to its fantastic foliage. Sale! Jim and the Rhododendrons Direct Crew. Shop for Rhododendrons. Call 253-838-4646 to submit your credit card information over the phone. Attractive white flowers flushed pink with delicate purple spotting in April - May. Click here to contact us by email. Thick tawny white indumentum on new leaves. If you have questions about the plants or how to order, feel free to reach out to us at Orders@RhodyGarden.org. Bayview Farm and Garden, Langley Height 1.5 to 1.8 metres. Fall is a great time to plant Rhododendrons! Coming soon in January 2021 – the Spring Catalog. This plant was selected and named by David Millais from a batch of seed kindly sent by botanist Yuji Kurashige in Japan. Height and Spread 3 metres plus. Small green leaves, often bronze in winter. Rhododendron ‘Cunninghams White’ Pink buds open to small white flowers with a pale yellow eye in May. This plant has neat trusses of pink flowers in March-April. We pride ourselves in one of the best ranges of Rhododendron species in the country, and we try to propagate these from collectors' seed, or recognised good forms. Slowly up to 0.75 metres. We have an excellent selection of a wide variety of species rhododendrons – many of them for the first time, some where our picture tag has yet to be written. to educate gardeners about species rhododendrons; to help our customers and visitors enjoy the beauty that gardens and rhododendrons bring to life; to help preserve endangered species for future … Height 75-100cm in 10 years. A lovely compact slow growing plant that needs good drainage to perform well. Easy to grow. Height 150cm (5ft). We've determined you're in Growing Zone #. eg R. campanulatum can flower from white to pink or deep lilac. Rhododendron ‘Snipe’ White flowers suffused and spotted pink, April and May. Height and spread 1.5 metres. Height 1.2 metres. Group: Species Rhododendron. White compacted indumentum on underside of leaves. Weston Nurseries has been raising and introducing new varieties for some seventy-five years. A tough, neat growing plant with recurved and felty indumented leaves, from Oki Island, Japan. Rhododendron Species Foundation Dark green leaves, evergreen. The RSBG provides the finest and largest selection of documented and verified Rhododendron species in North America, as well as an extensive number of companion plants… Evergreen. Species Rhododendrons and Azaleas More than 250 rhododendron species, 1 & 2 gallon pots . Take legible photos of each page on the order form and send to Orders@RhodyGarden.org.

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