When Amunet Black tried to buy the bus meta-humans Barry and them tried to escape Iron Heights Penitentiary. [1], Marlize was instrumental in developing Clifford's Thinking Cap, which he used on the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite and begin the final stage of his mission. [20], At some point in the future, both Eobard Thawne and Abra Kadabra became aware of DeVoe's role as one of the Flash's enemies. He eventually managed to take control over the body of Ralph Dibny, whose powers made him immune to the negative effects that his ever-expanding mind was having on his body's physical well-being. Neil Sandilands, Actor: The Flash. [18] This also means that Devoe would've had to steal their powers through other means. Later on, Clifford entered S.T.A.R. Home universe It has a huge fan base and that comes with a huge amount of pressure. They developed a "plan of enlightenment", in which they aimed to upgrade the "delivery system" of knowledge at the University of Oxford and change the way people think. DeVoe revealed to Barry that he knows his superhero identity, how the Flash was “born”, that he, Clifford DeVoe, was "born" that same night, and that he's smarter than Barry and all his friends combined. Labs. Biological Information DeVoe then took the body of Izzy Bowin, or The Fiddler, with the help of Becky's luck-altering powers. Marlize is the co-creator of the Thinking Cap and the sole creator of Clifford's other cybernetics that allow him to stay alive despite his deteriorating physiology. To distract Ralph, DeVoe sent the bony structure of a T-Rex to attack him while he stole the powers of Matthew Kim and Janet Petty, then took the body of Edwin Gauss. DeVoe was frustrated that Barry allowed Siren-X to escape with Fallout but Marlize made him realize he hadn't taken human emotions into account since Barry came face to face with the man who killed his friend and teammate in front of him while he was helpless to prevent it.[14]. Look ahead to the TV shows still set to premiere in the rest of 2020, including "Selena: The Series" and "The Stand.". As Clifford tested out the Thinking Cap, he was hit by a wave of dark matter and a bolt of lightning, becoming a meta-human. DeVoe's death activated said switch, knocking the S.T.A.R Labs satellite out of orbit, but the combined efforts of Cisco, Ralph, Barry, and Nora West-Allen were able to stop the satellite from crashing to Earth, thwarting Clifford's final scheme, but ultimately bringing about another villain. https://arrowverseace.fandom.com/wiki/Clifford_DeVoe?oldid=645, Ability to fire beams that make things shrink or enlarge, Ability to give of a quantum field that gives him good luck, Ability to create sonic sound waves from his whole body. Much of Engelbrecht's work is localised in … Not long after Barry's and Iris' wedding, DeVoe attacked Barry using his hoverchair. When he grew up, he studied history and econometrics at the University of Johannesburg.[3]. Marlize stated to Iris that she left her husband, but she also knew that he was right. Unlike all other villains, Darhk and DeVoe were both revealed in the first episode of their shows' fourth seasons, with no mystery surrounding their identity. The Thinker Family Shocked that Barry could have escaped, he put down the trap, only to discover that Barry had not moved at all, but had stood still so very fast that the eye couldn't see. This template will categorize articles that include it into the category "Flash Villains.". As the couple predicted, the particle accelerator malfunctioned and exploded, creating several bolts of enhanced lightning, one of which hit the Thinking Cap, making DeVoe "enlightened". He then went on to attempt to achieve his ultimate goal to reset the intelligence of every person on the planet, known as the "Enlightenment". Ultimately, his discuss on the world had evolved to believe that it was emotional views and personal ties that have weakened people's understanding. Marlize DeVoe (wife; estranged) Clifford DeVoe, also known as The Thinker, is a former history professor at Central City University and the husband of Marlize DeVoe. After rebuilding another Samuroid in his hideout, he mused on how everything was going according to plan with the Flash's return and began to plan his next move. Jimmy Broxton Labs satellite, which Barry was forced to destroy, Team Flash found themselves slightly handicapped when Gridlock and other meta-humans showed up, as the satellite was how they usually found metas. Both spent years setting up their plan against Team Flash. He had the alarm go off in the apartment so that Barry would go there. Because Becky's body was too weak to handle all of the meta-human powers DeVoe needed a new body. They are the first villains on their shows to not have a costume, both wearing simple black suits most of the time. Another Samuroid fought Joe unsuccessfully, while Marlize fought Iris. Finally tired of Clifford's domestic abuse, his lack of interest in emotion and his willingness to do gratuitous evil acts, Marlize took the flying chair, turned on the force field so her husband could not come close to her and she used the hover chair so she can teleport leaving DeVoe behind. Labs satellite's destruction created the dagger, DeVoe's failure served as a small catalyst for the Crisis. Biological Information However, due to the Flash playing with the laws of probabilities, Clifford could not determine any of the speedster's moves for sure, resulting in his arrest and imprisonment in Iron Heights, where he became enlightened.[17]. Universe Information At the university, Clifford met Marlize, and the two fell in love and were married. "The Flash Reborn"(October 10, 2017). 17 Appearances of Marlize Malan (Arrowverse), 1 Images featuring Marlize Malan (Arrowverse), Quotations by or about Marlize Malan (Arrowverse), Character Gallery: Marlize Malan (Arrowverse), The Flash (2014 TV Series) Episode: Therefore She Is, The Flash (2014 TV Series) Episode: Therefore I Am, The Flash (2014 TV Series) Episode: The Trial of the Flash, The Flash (2014 TV Series) Episode: Null and Annoyed, https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Marlize_Malan_(Arrowverse)?oldid=2736988, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Despite this, she has also been seen being very loyal to him as his wife, caretaker and literal partner in crime. DeVoe attacks an A.R.G.U.S. Due to DeVoe's actions, he would earn a place in the Flash Museum's Hall of Villains, complete with his hoverchair. The Thinking Cap had the unfortunate side effect of making Clifford's body fail however, and Marlize became his caretaker, eventually building Clifford a chair that gave his brain energy so it wouldn't have to feed off his body. Marlize DeVoe (née Malan) was the devoted wife of Clifford DeVoe, who called himself The Thinker. Both are evil masterminds disguised as benevolent wheelchair-bound geniuses to the public. Wanting to help him out, Marlize looked at Clifford's Thinking Cap schematics and developed the device accordingly. However, Darhk and DeVoe both lost their wives near their shows' ends, which only made them nihilistic and they proceeded with their plans anyway. [7], After being annoyed with Barry's trespasses, she and Clifford sued him before Captain David Singh and Barry was suspended. Clifford DeVoe, a history professor at the university, disagreed with her views, citing many technological advancements that have been used to hurt others. Ralph Dibny seemed to have outsmarted the Thinker by putting cuffs on him, but DeVoe managed to Kilg%re the cuffs before they were placed on him, rendering them ineffective. While watching live footage of Barry and Iris sitting on their sofa together, Marlize asked her husband if he's going to let them get married. Outside the tribunal, Iris confronted her, to which Marlize answered that she was willing to fight for her husband and asked her if she was willing to do the same for her husband.[9]. Noma Banks on the Syfy TV show, Dominion, and Marlize DeVoe on The CW show, The Flash.. She also presented a local youth television program called Take5 in the '90s. Indeed, she took great offense to Barry Allen even suggesting that she was her husband's henchwoman, or, to use her own words, "some kind of evil secretary", vehemently affirming that she is loyal to her husband absolutely. Looking for something to watch? She later returned to Central City to aid Team Flash in preventing the Enlightenment and defeating her husband. Engelbrecht starred as Marlize DeVoe in the fourth season (2017/2018) of The Flash. [8], He tracked down a meta-human called "The Weeper" a week later and told him that he went through a lot of trouble in creating him and that he couldn't die until he completed the task for which he was created. He then immobilized Barry by pinning him to the floor with Null's gravity-bending powers and took over Ralph's body while making everyone watch. Marlize had a pro-technology stance and believed it could better the world, but Clifford hated technology only believing it to hurt humanity's curse.

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