When the elevator stops, you will find yourself in the thick of the action. Vidi! Use the chance now to re-examine your weapons. If you are holding it out, when the shield turns red, let go of the button and Booker will throw the red shield and all of its absorbed damage at an enemy that you target. The Return to Sender vigor can be upgraded to absorb bullets that are fired at you. There's a Vantage point #31 - Telescope to the right of the gondola. In front of you is the Financial District of Emporia and the Vox are attacking in force. To the right is another short tunnel acting as an alternate route to the courtyard below the station. Vigor! A mosquito patrolling in the air around the area. The other route, by taking the entrance diagonally from that of the Market District, takes you through Harmony Lane, where you'll find snipers who greet you before obtaining Voxophone 59, below. Friendly motorized patriot on the right as you enter the area. Friendly auto-turret at the left end of the gondola platform. Progress, and Harmony Lane transitions into Downtown Emporia. There are two hairpin locks in the Financial District: Harmony Lane, and the Market District. That’s where we are headed. Each gateway leads to the same destination (Comstock Gate), but passes through different areas of downtown Emporia. Behind the table on the right you will see a carton on a shelf with a VOXOPHONE ‘Beyond Redemption’ (Voxophone 2/4) in it. Use this to add it to your collectible count. On the following pages of our walkthrough, you will find references to these points. Before proceeding, look on the right hand side of the gondola station for a Telescope [1/1] . Head on up the stairs until you reach another street at the top. Together, they learn to harness an expanding arsenal of weapons and abilities, as they fight on zeppelins in the clouds, along high-speed Sky-Lines, and down in the streets of Columbia, all while surviving the threats of the air-city and uncovering its dark secret. A water puddle near the door to the station. Beware of a bevy of enemies in this area: Vox Populi, Firemen, and a Patriot. Jump on the gondola and grab the lock pick from the floor near the doorway. Kill the aggressive citizen inside and head upstairs to find a gift containing a new piece of EQUIPPABLE GEAR (Gear 2/3). 22. Exit and take the path down below the bridge with the decoy for some salts and another lock pick. Have Elizabeth pick the lock on the door opposite. If you've managed to unlock the door, then you will be allowed to collect a new weapon (Heater) and an Infusion #19 located inside a steel basin at the end of the corridor. Vidi! At the bottom, kill the Vox soldiers ahead of you. Go to Comstock house part 1 | Chapter 28 - Emporia BioShock Infinite guide, walkthrough. Enter and pull the lever inside too cruise over to the next area. 0. The following two chapters take place in the same large location - Downtown Emporia. A Handyman will end this battle; killing it will cause a random piece of Gear to drop. During the scene, grab the note that the man gives you. Crate of medical kits at the end of the tunnel past the Minuteman’s Armory machine. Now take out the four snipersfrom the cover of the sign whilst they are distracted. As soon as you enter Port Prosperity station, Look behind you and up above the entrance to find a tear to bring in a frieght hook. Booker returns here later, but there's nothing here now except to clear the zone of hostiles, which you may do at your leisure. Approach the gate to the main building and interact with it for a scene. Forced to trust one another, Booker and Elizabeth form a powerful bond during their daring escape. Drop down to ground level and below the balcony you can find one of each of the vending machines.

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