All you have to do to instantly calculate rectangle area is just enter in the rectangle length and rectangle height into the fields below and press calculate. Gain valuable insights with real-time statistics and analytics for your calculator. A rectangular bedroom with one wall being 15 feet long and the other being 12 feet long is simply 12 x 15 = 180 square feet. Rectangle Calculator This rectangular calculator can help you calculate the area, perimeter, diagonal, length or width of a rectangle if you know the required dimensions. We’ll send you an email report with contact information each time your calculator is used. Cite this content, page or calculator as: Furey, Edward "Rectangle Calculator"; CalculatorSoup, On January 24, 1923 P.J. If you have any difficulties with units conversion, you can use the length converter and area converter. Durable Coporation Thermoset Vulcanized Rubber Grand-Stand Beauty & Barber Anti-Fatigue Mat, Rectangle with Recess, for Indoors, 36" Width x 60" Length x 3/8" Thickness, Marble Blue. Free Rectangle Area & Perimeter Calculator - calculate area & perimeter of a rectangle step by step This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Required link back. Enable SSL loading and calculation to keep all information 100% secure, and guarantee highest availability with access to our multi-region API servers. Some functions are limited now because setting of JAVASCRIPT of the browser is OFF. You will find the answer right there on the Area A column and Perimeter P column. Area of a rectangle Calculator . It is measured in sq. area of a rectangle calculator – Durable Coporation . Please, let us know what is wrong! The formulas for the perimeter P and the area A of the rectangle are used to write equations as follows: P = 2 * L + 2 * W The formula for the area of a rectangle is width x height, as seen in the figure below: All you need are two measurements and you can calculate its perimeter by hand, or by using our perimeter of a rectangle calculator above. units. [1]  2020/11/07 07:39   Male / Under 20 years old / Elementary school/ Junior high-school student / Useful /, [2]  2020/03/21 01:36   Female / Under 20 years old / Elementary school/ Junior high-school student / Useful /, [3]  2019/05/31 06:49   Female / Under 20 years old / High-school/ University/ Grad student / Useful /, [4]  2019/02/06 07:58   Male / 20 years old level / Others / A little /, [6]  2014/09/15 23:10   Female / 20 years old level / High-school/ University/ Grad student / Very /, [7]  2013/08/18 05:27   Male / 30 years old level / An office worker / A public employee / Very /, [8]  2011/06/24 20:08   Female / Under 20 years old / A student / A little /. Each tool is carefully developed and rigorously tested, and our content is well-sourced, but despite our best effort it is possible they contain errors. Skip the support lines and receive priority one-on-one support from our customer service team. perimeter L Customer Voice. No link. 3. Depending on the dimension to be determined, this rectangle calculator uses the formulas explained here: ■ In case you select to solve for area (A) you have to provide the length (l) and the width (w) then: ■ If you want to calculate the perimeter (P) you have to input the length (l) and the width (w): ■ In case you try to compute the diagonal of the rectangle (d) then you have to input the same two figures (its length and width) then: ■ If you want to determine the length (l)then you have to know the width (w) and the diagonal (d) of the rectangle: ■ In case you want to estimate the width of the rectangle (w) then you have to specify its length (l) and diagonal (d): Copyright 2014 - 2020 The Calculator .CO   |  All Rights Reserved  |  Terms and Conditions of Use. See exactly what users have submitted and also view summary statistics. Area of a rectangle formula. The result will be in the unit the width and height are measured in, but squared, e.g. Your feedback and comments may be posted as customer voice. It is the sum of all four sides of the rectangle. Rectangle area calculator is a free to use and it saves a lot of time which is consumed doing manual calculations. A square calculator is a special case of the rectangle where the lengths of a and b are equal. Swanson and Chas. You can input only integer numbers or fractions in this online calculator. This free area calculator determines the area of a number of common shapes using both metric units and US customary units of length, including rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, circle, sector, ellipse, and parallelogram.

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