Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In response, the entire crowd was amazed by Pythagoras' proof of the immortality of the soul. During his journeys, he met Myrrine, the daughter of King Leonidas I of Sparta, with whom he had a daughter named Kassandra. Next Up: The Gates of Atlantis Walkthrough, Filed Under: Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Game Guides. A Family’s Legacy is a Side Quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Following this, Pythagoras immediately decided to banish Alcmaeon from the city, and declared that he was to be considered dead by the members of his family. "I am Aletheia. The age gap is weird, as it would basically mean that Kassandra was conceived, then Pythagoras came back when Kassandra was around 9, when Alexios was conceived, with Kassandra obviously never seeing him or suspecting anything. As a scholar, Pythagoras was not remarkably well-built, possessing a normal body size and not being particularly muscular. Wielding the Staff of Hermes, Pythagoras was gifted with knowledge and magic but at the same time corrupted  by the power flowing through him. Once you head to the Volcanic Lands, the hero finds an underground cave, where an old man is waiting. This will be one of your tasks going forward. He explains that the hero was born to continue his bloodline. At this point, the hero is tasked with finding artifacts scattered across the world. Some time in 422 BCE,[1] he was discovered by his daughter, Kassandra. [2], A while after the incident with the dog, Kyros and Damo, Pythagoras' daughter, came across Alcmaeon while he was torturing another dog. With the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus, he was rendered immortal and so he use this immortality to isolate himself from the world so that he may finally decipher the equations of reality inside Atlantis. However, his obsession with researching the Isu civilization led him to leave Myrrine and isolate himself. I'm pretty sure that it's Pythagoras for both. Instead it would make him near immortal. Voice actor In a cutscene, Pythagoras welcomes you to the ancient ruins of Atlantis. As they wandered aimlessly, almost without water, they suddenly spotted someone standing on a hill. A few years after the gathering in the villa, Pythagoras, Kyros and several servants travelled to Croton, a city that was well known for its intelligent citizens. During the 6th century BCE, Pythagoras and his protégé, Kyros of Zarax, lived in the town of Samos, where they had a villa. The Misthios was born out of necessity, not love. Jump down and kill the snakes and head down to the entrance of the ancient structure. The Dunce Conundrum, quest walkthrough and hints. However, after learning this Pythagoras changed his mind about sealing the gateway to Atlantis, believing he could learn more about the Isu and human origins to eventually acquire their power. Head up the stairs and make your way to the glowing ring. Diese Entscheidung könnt ihr am Ende von Episode 2 in der Quest „Der Wolf von Sparta“ treffen. [3] After which, father and daughter were met with an ancient voice revealing the secrets of Atlantis. The Ancient Tablet reveals that gaining entrance to the ancient structure requires maneuvering the reflective mirrors into alignment to redirect the light beam onto the locked entryway. / 15 G: Last edited by Krystal109 on Jun 14, 20 4:23pm. Look east and take note of the mirror atop the ruins. Myrrine and Pythagoras never spoke of Pythagoras being the father of both the Misthios and Deimos. To finish it you will have to defeat the 4 world bosses: Medusa, Minotaur, Cyclops, Sphynx. If he found out that his child was still alive and that the protagonist was trying to save them, wouldn't he try to help now that his mindset on duty has changed. [2], He then had Kyros take ten hammers of different sizes back to his villa, and asked the blacksmiths to bring an anvil there as well. At thevery bottom of the cave I found an entrance to somewhere else. [6], In 1527, Giovanni Borgia and Maria Amiel visited the vault, where Giovanni underwent some kind of transformation as Consus, the Erudite God, spoke through him.[7]. You will finally reach the chamber with the pyramid where the player first met his father. However, the Staff kept him alive to do his duty. Get to and shatter the obstructing planks. He answered some of Kassandra's burning questions and then tasked her with hunting down the four Atlantis artifacts needed to seal the ancient city. Species I love the game and most probably many of you too. If you play as Kass then Nikolaos is Alexios's father and vice versa. Look for a snake near that barrier before breaking it. Skirt the lava by going to the right, jumping to the rock ledges and then onto the pointed rock spire and then to the rock ledges. However, once he officially passed his Staff on to his child Kassandra, he finally passed away. World of Warcraft – Goals (Not Quite) Met, 3 Posts that Need Updates Thanks to Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Shadowlands So Far In An Extremely Short Post, Five Game Challenge Day 24: Shadowlands Lands. Now the light shines at the door and it can be opened! Now let’s find Atlantis in AC Odyssey. Myrrine and Pythagoras never spoke of Pythagoras being the father of both the Misthios and Deimos. "Alexios felt a little silly talking to a shiny stick, but was told plainly about the burdens of its gift and that if he learned to master the staff, it wouldn't corrupt him like it did Pythagoras.

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