A car takes 24 second to reach the 12th pole. Question 72: To 15 liters of water containing 20% alcohol, we add 5 liters of pure water. If more than one such word can be formed, give 'M' as the answer and if no such word can be formed, give 'X' as the answer. The citizens of planet nigiet are 8 fingered and have thus developed their decimal system in base 8. Find that word EDUCATIONAL, 79. Find the ratio of their profits at the end of the year. (A) only to visit the fair Question 36. (A) Reduction of the weight of curriculum The speed of the stream is? © 2019 Copyright Examsbook by Habilelabs Pvt.Ltd. (A) 1996 (A) Teacher Question 23. The results of all six races are listed below: Bob always finishes ahead of Chris. now if x is 9 then y has 1 option (that is 0). Question 58: Find the value of (21/4-1)( 23/4 +21/2+21/4+1), Question 59: The product of two fractions is 14/15 and their quotient is 35/24. Red and Green3. One boy, aged 17 years, leaving the class and another joining, the average age becomes 15.875 years. Cannot be determined5. During last month its rate was $16 per kg. Question 5: A shopkeeper sold a TV set for Rs.17,940 with a discount of 8% and earned a profit of 19.6%. C. Susheela was asked that why she was sad. Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions: Learn & practice latest Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions for each topic. 1. You Need To Provide Exact Change At The Counter. Sam says I am certainly not over 40. Kochi3. (D) To prepare the students for practical life, 49. Train crossed the car with less speed in less time and the car with high speed in more time.i.e train and two cars going in the same direction. (B) The teacher’s failure Question 22: 2 numbers differ by 5.If their product is 336,then the sum of the 2 numbers is: Question 23: Which number is the odd one out? Every student wants to get the latest and important questions which asked frequently in the competitive exams. What is the value of Business. (A) do nothing 1. A And B Goes Clockwise And C Anticlockwise. 38 min. A teacher should be (A) Honest (B) Diligent (C) Dutiful (D) Punctual. (A) keep students busy Find the probability that only the man will be alive for 25 years. (D) to make education compulsory for all, 20. (A) high achievement of students There are multiple formats to download your online free Quantitative Aptitude Compound Interest e-book, like fully solved, unsolved questions with Answers sheet. 2,40,000; Rs. With Just Six Weights And A Balance Scale, You Can Weigh Any Unit Number Of Kgs From 1 To 364. 6 days3. A, B And C Starts From A Point On A Circle. Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions: Learn & practice latest Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions for each topic. (B) you are interested in it Select the word which is OPPOSITE in the meaning of the given word "Acquit", 73. (D) The attitudinal changes in teachers, 55. Question 64: Veselin Topalov who became the World Champion recently, is associated with which of the following games/sports ? Frank finishes fifth.5. Question 24. (B) their results are different If no such word can be made, give 'X' as your answer and if more than one such word can be formed, give your answer as 'Y'. (B) to give high salary to teachers none of these. Q.11. 2.5 km/h3. /top-100-aptitude-questions-and-answers-for-competitive-exams/2, https://www.examsbook.com/top-100-aptitude-questions-and-answers-for-competitive-exams/2, top-100-aptitude-questions-and-answers-for-competitive-exams, Top 100 Aptitude Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams. A Number When Divided By D Leaves A Remainder Of 8 And When Divided By 3d Leaves A Remainder Of 21. And, since the question didnt state where the 32 smaller could be, Im placing the 32 smaller cubes on the sides with Blue paint. In each of the following question, a word has been given, followed by four other words, one of which cannot formed by using the letters from the given word. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and all links are nofollow. Question 82: A boy has $2. Question 83: Five racing drivers, Alan, Bob, Chris, Don, and Eugene, enter into a contest that consists of 6 races. 3,20,000; Rs. (C) to remove the difficulties of students The Cost Of 17 Apples, 9 Oranges , 13 Bananas Is Rs 130 , Whereas Cost Of 13 Oranges, 7 Apples And 10 Bananas Is Rs 100. Question 47: What is the population of India?

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